WoW – Frostwolves hunt in packs.

I haven’t been sitting idle, now that I am on my own in Canberra again during the week. I got Mabaho out questing. Found a couple of rares.

Think this guys was Something Crusher?
Think this guys was Something Crusher?

Levelled up the Town Hall in my Garrison. That opened up a couple of plots for me.


I also recruited a couple more followers, so I am up to five. I need to level these new two up as the others are at 93/94 already.

Out questing I did see this ogre. It took a second or two to realise what was going on. I had thought he was sleeping on his back but he was moving…

What is this ogre doing?
What is this ogre doing?

Watching for a moment…. he’s doing sit ups (crunches). A “helpful” guildie suggested doing push ups next to him, but I couldn’t find the command (wink), it was probably /gquit.

Lastly, for a good chunk of today’s questing I had company. Frost wolves – hunt in packs (like other wolves)

The Wolf Pack…

Here is me, my doggies (the Spirit Wolves), the Frostwolf that aids me randomly as I am a Wolf Brother, and two orcs (whose names I forget) and one of their wolves. You mess with me you get the whole pack 😉 Grrr….

WoW – Wait! That’s a first for WoD.

While I haven’t put any serious effort into playing over the past few weeks, I have at least been logging in occasionally in order to empty my Garrison resources cache. But tonight when I logged in I actually headed off to do a little questing.

Running the first couple of quests from the garrison I was out exploring the neighbourhood. I convinced an ogre trader into the garrison whilst out looking for a scary looking one eyed dude. I also ran into what I think is my first WoD rare.

Cinder Maw. Have to double check he was a rare.
Cinder Maw. Have to double check he was a rare.
Cinder Maw defeated.
Cinder Maw defeated.

Took about three goes to kill him as he would tunnel under the ground and head off elsewhere. The first two attempts I couldn’t find him on the second time he tunnelled off and he would reset.

I completed the quests and returned to my Garrison and built my first building, the Barracks. When I clicked on something in front of it to “Finalise your Building” (I think because it was part of a quest they gave me an option to instant build it) The building flashed up but I was transported out of the garrison. At first it wasn’t clear if I was near or far from my place, but turned out I was only nearby. Not sure what the point of that was.

Barracks underway. Hmm a glow thing to click....
Barracks underway. Hmm a glow thing to click….
Wait how did I get here???
Wait how did I get here???

Now I have a quest to rescue my first Follower. I still won’t get much play time until probably after New Years due to family commitments. But I’ll log in and clear that cache…

WoW – Meeting the Jade Serpent. Oh and that was a ….

WoWScrnShot_121413_220050A final delivery of Jade to make and it led me to this great Jade Serpent, being carved out of the hill. After I handed the jade out, I was invited to take a kite flight to the Temple of the Jade Serpent.

WoWScrnShot_121413_220158I did ask to speak to the Serpent herself, but this was initially denied while I completed a few tasks, such as squashing bookworms that were infesting some scrolls. It also included rounding up some colourful serpents.

WoWScrnShot_121413_221647Then the little girl led me into the temple and (well no surprise) transformed herself into the Jade Serpent.

WoWScrnShot_121413_222828She took me for a tour and described how the statue will soon be empowered as the next Jade Serpent.

WoWScrnShot_121413_222938This completed my tasks in the Temple and I followed my next quest line to a Pandarian village being overrun by Mogu. I few quests didn’t seem to turn the tide, when a different target wandered into the fracas.

I launched into the assault only to find out that I was not have the significant effect I expected (he wasn’t dead in 5 blows) and my health was actually reducing as well. I deployed my boys (the Spirit Wolves) and a couple of Totems and proceeded to stay out of the purple circles.

My first Pandarian achievement – A Worthy Opponent. Killing the wandering rare “Mogu Sorcerer”, see that’s why I thought he was just another mob… I was in the middle of a village  being overrun by Mogu.

No pictures, of course.

Until tomorrow.






Wait! Mabango gets one too

“Boom” NPCScan goes off (I added NPC Scan after the run of rares I had a couple of months back) and Mabango discovers this lady roaming Grizzly Hills.

Syreian the Bonecarver

I thought she looked pretty cool, loved the face tattoos

Oops too close again!

Got a blue and some mats from her. And Northern Exposure 🙂

I’ve been through Grizzly Hills now on 2 toons and never seem to end up in here. I must miss a quest chain or something.

The Den

I’ve also run a couple more LFD and dinged 76, so I moved on to Zul’Drak to keep the xp flowing.

Zul’Drak – How far the trolls have fallen.

I ran across this NPC and am very tempted to change my DK to look similar. Really liked it.

Bloodrose Datura

But that would give me 3 BE fems!  And it might set off a chain reaction of toon changes for some of my alts that I haven’t mentioned on here…. like my hunter might become Tauren which means the UD rogue can swap to Troll…. oh dear.

NINE levels to go now. And I’ll have THREE level cap toons. What a change.

Whew, time to play.

Feels like ages since I had a chance to play, though its really only about 5 days.

Some guild news first, Dragonray from Azerothian Life has joined us, which is pretty cool. She wanted somewhere for one of her alts, a Horde toon, to live so Navi convinced her that no matter what she’s heard, the Frosties really aren’t as crazy as they say. So big welcome to Dragonray.

Midsummer Festival has started, I just checked Mab’s list for that. Ah, everything needs doing except for Ahune. Been pretty slack on his Firelands dailies recently too. Maybe I’ll just run the DS 5mans.

Blade’s Edge Mountains

Mabango is still working in Blade’s Edge. Halfway through 67, I’m considering a move to Netherstorm shortly, perhaps at the end of the current quest chain. She did score one achieve when she came across this guy.


So Medium Rare done for Mabango.

I also liked the random way this Son of Gruul ended up too.

Lost his head.



Wait! Ok, this is getting silly now.

Mabango, my now level 51 Warlock, had finished up in Tanaris and I was starting to quest in Un’Goro Crater. But I wasn’t enjoying myself, so I headed back to Org to check the Warchief’s Board for some guidance. This headed me up to Winterspring.

Landed there yesterday and logged off until this morning. Started questing in the Winterfall tribes areas and ran across this guy.

Yup, another elite. Whilst moving around to get a good frontal shot, Mabango got a bit too close so this is the best I managed.

Mezzir the Howler

Before he ended up a corpse.

So in what, four weeks, I’ve come across five rares. But in the preceding 6 years, only one rare. Or now, I’m starting to think, Navi and Cym have brought them to my attention and I just never noticed them.

Or my previous supposition – they’re just not as rare now.

PS. After I posted this I reread the rare posts I’ve done recently and I’ve noticed something else. I always get too close trying to take a pic. Mab, Dasal and now Mabango have set off the rare before my “Planned Shot” was taken. Need to remember that for next week’s rare.

Wait! What’s going on here?

Now I think in my entire WoW gaming life that until this past few weeks I would have put hand on my heart and told you that I’d only seen one rare. I assumed that they were, well, rare, like the Hyacinth Macaw is rare. Or people with the Insane title.

I now wonder that I haven’t flown over them often and never noticed. Generally when herbing I have both eyes in the top right watching the map for the little yellow spot. I only keep a very small part of my attention on where Mab is actually flying to, which often ends up with him flying into hills, buildings, though I notice very quickly that my peripheral vision has suddenly stopped moving. So I may have flown over them a lot.

Or maybe in Cata rares are less, rare? Because the above doesn’t explain Azeroth before you could fly here or BC before I could fly. Or WotLK either.

Back then, maybe it was about not covering as much ground so quickly. I had no mounts at all (including non-flying mounts) until sometime in BC, so while Ghost Wolf was’t too bad, you can’t cover the ground as you can even with the basic flying mount.

So here is whom I stumbled across this morning.


I was lucky to get this as I strayed a little close and he got a bit snappy (sry).

But this shot shows his face better. Nothing interesting dropped.

Wait! That’s another

I started out this morning running Dasal through Scholo a couple of times for the dress, still no luck. I’ve been running this in the evening and Miss 4 has been casting with the keyboard whilst I steer Dasal. Miss 4 enjoys helping and can even do some of the run back on her own.

So I was in Scholo when Navi asked if I could help her in Wintergrasp. Swapped to Mab (he’s better at squashing things and if I move Dasal then she has to fly all the way back to Scholo slow time).

WG was a little confusing as I’ve never actually fought in there. At one point I ended up as a passenger with Navi and the UI mods were hiding the exit vehicle control somewhere. I was stuck until we got destroyed. I also didn’t realise there was actually an alliance player in there as well. I did think a particular mob a little harder to kill than the others.

But it ended with my first Wintergrasp victory and an achieve.

Since I was on Mab I decided to head into Deepholm in order to farm mats as I supply Navi (slowly) with Treasure Finding Potions. I was farming around and came across this guy.

This time I knew it was a Rare and the UI confirmed.


So I took a picture (and then killed him in case he had something cool like a pet)

Wait! Oh that was a…

I’ve never been a rare seeker. And as you can see from my previous post on the subject it’s not the first thing on my mind when I see a mob.

Dasal has decided that she wants more dresses. I was reading Cryme’s post on her latest Mog sets and the couple of dresses there sparked my interest. One, Alanna’s Embrace just needed (probably a lot) runs through a piece of Scholo to get to the correct boss.

So I flew Mab over there. And remembered it would be BoP. So I flew Dasal there and found some big mob standing in Scholo’s doorway. I didn’t feel like bothering him so Dasal ran down the side and into Scholo. I was running short of time so I ran about Scholo learning the way to the boss, before logging out for the night.

This morning I ran her through it bunch of times without success. Once the Instance locked  up (too many runs in short time) I returned to Org to clear out bags etc. Flew back to the entrance and there was no mob there. And then I thought…

Oh, that was a rare wasn’t it.

Why, yes it was, say Navime and Cryme, Turns out it was Putridius.

Here’s some death and destruction by Dasal (who’s almost never hurt anything!) in Scholo. I liked this one with the ring of bodies.

Feel the wrath of a Holy Priest lol