My Toons

I started playing in about mid vanilla I guess, about March 2006, Mabaho was almost the first character I rolled and certainly the first to make it past about level 2. After a big clean out for the guild server change I have these guys left – I’ll go from Left to Right. All my toons are Horde-Saurfang in Frostwolves.

I’ve had several breaks over the past few years, the most recent being most of a year. Shortly after Legion was released, I had a final foray, but quickly lost interest again and haven’t played since.


Pumatay (Troll 57 Warrior)

Currently a 57 Warrior. He was my second alt after Mabaho my main. He was mostly used in early vanilla to have a go at tanking, which I actually really enjoyed. However, he was left behind as I ground Mabaho upwards. One day, Puma, one day 🙂 A miner and jewelcrafting at the moment.

Mabaho (Tauren 96 Shaman)

My main since my first forays in Vanilla. He’s been enhancement the entire time, though I have tried Resto and Elemental at least once as a second spec. Can’t get my head around not letting him rush in and bash heads, so that didn’t last. Also a flower picker (Herbalist) and drink mixer (Alchemy).

Magdasal (Blood Elf 90 Priest) nee Dasal

My chief alt and my first real go at healing. She has levelled almost exclusively through healing 5 mans as Holy. An attempt at Disc healing didn’t really take. And I have enjoyed the challenge a lot. Being levelled from 85 to 90 as Shadow in readiness for WoD. Also a Tailor and Enchanter.

Mabango (Blood Elf 90 Warlock)

Mabango was a bank alt. After Cata I decided to level her in order to experience the new quest chains and changes to the old world. A big change from the old quest changes that’s for sure. Using the WoD preorder bonus I boosted her to 90 and brought Mining and Engineering.

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