I’m a married dad, with two young daughters, and a passion for bikes and technology. I also work full time. While doing all of that, I have just completed studying in preparation for a change in career. I have enjoyed my current employment for more than 25 years, but the upheaval it imposes on my family has taken its toll – time to settle.

So I have just completed my basic studies to qualify as a Primary School Teacher (think Americans call them Elementary School). Just in time for the COVID-19 virus to close all the schools. Fitting the study in on top of work, home life and study, I barely had time to sleep let alone free time and gaming is the biggest loser of my hobbies. Now that it’s completed, I am finding more time to play. I expect once I am teaching it will be forced aside again.

I have been computer gaming since I had my first ZX81 (when you had to code the games yourself in BASIC) through various systems and computers. Much of my gaming in recent years was World of Warcraft. Most of that time was as a solo casual player so expect a very different perspective from the raiders, PvPers, farmers, pet collectors, and achievement junkies in my WoW comments.

Prior to WoW & MWO some of the games I played a lot include the MechWarrior series, Ghost Recon1, Wing Commander 1 & 2, Wolfenstein, and F-19 Stealth Fighter.

My riding started properly in about 2002 when I got my learners. After my probationary period, I bought a VFR800 which has been my trusty steed until recently. I still had the VFR but a new Triumph Daytona joined the garage. Most of my riding is commuting, but I am most interested in solo exploring the roads around the place. Sadly my VFR was destroyed in 2014 when I hit a kangaroo at 120km/h, and thanks to great equipment, lived to tell the tale.

Just recently I swapped the Daytona (there are still some tiny regrets) for an almost new 2012 Ninja 1000, to be a better sports tourer than the Daytona ever could be. In the first 6 months I put 10,000km on a bike that had only had 2600km between 2012 and 2019!

This is not my first blog – I’ve had several since about 1996, back before they were called blogs (they were known as Web Diaries) but you will not find all that history on here! This blog started out being focused on technology and gaming, but is now a more general record of my life with discussions on all sorts of things. If you’re looking for more bike related stuff, try my YouTube channel, under the same BikesBabesBytes name. Even better my Instagram under BikesandBytes.

Some final notes about the name – BBB.

I was listening to Cymre’s interview on Twisted Nether the other day when they introduced this blog as the only new one in Blog Azeroth for the week. Yay me.I wanted to make some points though in response to their introduction of this blog. To clear things up for all readers or browsers. BikesBabesBytes was initially planned to be a pretty general blog on the three biggest things in my life

  • Bikes – I love riding my motorcycle. I will ride any chance I get to anywhere for any reason, in any weather. I love travelling on it, exploring on it.
  • Babes – I realise now, that this could introduce some confusion. You won’t find any p0rn pictures, pin up girls, playboy bunnies, penthouse pets etc. Babes in this blog mean my three girls – My wife, Miss 9 and Miss 7.
  • Bytes – anything to do with computers really, originally this blog was WoW based as I didn’t play much else. I then moved into playing Mechwarrior Online but have branched out from that too. There has already been posts on SW:TOR, XCom, and my Apple Mac and PS3 experiences.

Though initially, the blog was pretty much WoW focused, during a WoW break of over a year, it’s become a real mix of stuff. The name is to warn you that other stuff may crop up now and then, as it does on most people’s blogs. And I like the way it rolls off the tongue.

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