The Braunforge Clan

I’ve started weaving (just a little) all of my main D&D characters together into a Dwarven clan, the Braunforge. Here is who we have so far. Norrin and Adrick are brothers and the rest are cousins.

Adrick Braunforge (Lvl 11 Grave Cleric)

Adrick was the first with the name, and then after creating Norrin later I decided to link them all together. Adrick is currently not active.

Adrick moved to the temple when he was just a young dwarf. He worked through his training. After a while the senior leadership of his temple noticed that he had a strong connection to people as they passed through to their rest.  

They focused his training in this area, in order to support the passing of people to the afterlife, providing them guidance and consolation. 

It was during a deep meditation with a dying dwarf that Adrick found himself following the dwarf’s spirit.  

When he awoke, he felt charged with a new mission. He would travel across the world, working to destroy undead, releasing the spirits trapped within so that they may continue on their path. Soulless undead needed to be destroyed as they are an affront to the living. 

He travels with a party of adventurers, knowing that they travel into the unknown and are often beset by undead.

Norrin Braunforge (Lvl 4 War Cleric)

Norrin was the third of these created, and it was then that I decided to link all of these dwarves together into a disparate clan. Norrin is currently not active after the Dungeon of the Mad Mage fell apart when the DM quit.

Norrin was brought as a young dwarf into the church. Whilst as a young acolyte he continued to work hard in his dwarven martial training. He was well reported by his trainers there was some interest in retaining him for the local militia.

However, his cleric trainers and Norrin himself felt the calling of his gods. Subsequently, a compromise was reached where he trained as a war cleric, making him a martial adept warrior priest.

After several years working alongside the defensive forces of his clan hold, he found himself needing to get away from organised military in order to converse with his gods. With support from his church, he left the clan holdings with the intent to involve himself in more battles. This would enable him to advance his skills while becoming closer to his god.

He intends to wander the world, working with warriors and priests to help the communities protect themselves. This will focus on Dwarven communities as a priority, but this will not prevent him from supporting other good communities.

Hilfander (Lvl 7 Gloom Stalker Ranger)

Hilfander was first to be created. I really liked the Gloom Stalker idea so when I had a chance to run a character it was a natural first choice. I also tend to play dwarves (I always like having darkvision). After creating the Braunforge’s I decided Hilfander would be a part of that clan. Hilfander is currently in a Roll20 dungeon crawl that gets run as a fill in. This game is on hold, hope to use him again some time.

Tilfander spent much of his youth with his Grandfather, minding an old family mine. It was not abandoned but it wasn’t being worked and was quite remote from his clan home. His Grandfather, and then him spent the time keeping it clear of undead, goblins etc. From his grandfather he learned many of his skills, and from hunting in the mountains to provide food for them both, he learnt his skills with the bow and the hunt.

Eventually his Grandfather was killed. Later, Hilfander was driven from the mine by an increasing number of enemy, mostly undead. Since being pushed out of the mine, he has been travelling. He is determined to increase his skills and eventually win the mine back. He has chosen not to use his clan name until he does, and will not share it with anyone. (He is of the clan Braunforge, cousin to Tilm, Adrick and Norrin. His clan does not share his opinion about his shame, and will welcome and support him if needed).

Having lost his ancestral home, he is very sympathetic to people who have or under threat of losing their homes, especially if they have a long history there.

Tilm Braunforge (Lvl 6 Inquisitive Rogue)

I needed a rogue to play to support my daughter in a game we are playing together, so naturally it was a dwarf and of course, he had to be part of the clan… but how would he have honed his investigative skills in the clan hold? Tilm and his fellow adventurers have found themselves trapped in the land of Borovia (Curse of Strahd).

Tilm grew up with his parents in Waterdeep, where his parents ran a smithy and acted as a go-between for his clan and society at large. He spent a lot of his childhood sneaking into places within his clan hold and the city that he probably shouldn’t have.

This served his family well when a jealous competitor tried to accuse his parents of stealing items from the competitor’s shop. The theft made little sense, but on the face of the evidence, seemed the only possibility. Using his skills, Tilm snooped about the competitor’s business and associated places to discover the missing items and other items that cleared his parents.

He has built up a thorough knowledge of any strange crime that he could, sometimes through rumour, other times, by investigating things himself. Locally, his friends (now middle aged businessfolk) will often call on his services to investigate things for them, and he has the beginnings of a detective agency.

So far he has little to do with the local thieves, however he is aware of them. He stays out of their way and doesn’t snoop into their domain. This has kept him from becoming their enemy, keeping him and his family safe. They respect his skills and his discretion

Thonom Braunforge (Lvl 3 Dwarf Druid)

Decided that the next in the clan would be a druid. Thonom is currently on hold as well.

Thonom grew up in the Braunforge clan holdings, where his parents looked after some of the mountain area that the clan managed. It is from them that he learnt his druidic ways. He lived in the mountains, helping his parents tend to the area.

Until he fell in love with the wrong dwarf maiden. He’s fled the holdings as his pursuit of the fair maiden caused some strife within the clan. And to prevent more trouble for himself (and because he was shooed away by the maiden).

Sister Fredis (Lvl 3 Dwarf Grave Cleric)

Sister Fredis is adventuring with my youngest’s character (a Shapechanger Rogue) as they first successfully hunted the Thessellhydra. They are now lost in a book they read in Candlekeep.

Lucious Braunforge (Lvl 3 Dwarf Sorcerer)

Lucisous has started with a motley crew of adventurers and is in a open world adventure, currently fighting in a sewer under the city. Lord Neverember has asked us to look into some problems with something known as a Cult of Dispater.