WoW – To the Bastion

Dasal had the first option at getting through this strange new city, that Mab and her have found themselves in – Oribos.

The story quests lead us along a path to find out some basic background as well as a quick tour of the city itself. We opened a portal to Origammer, which meant Dasal was happy to set her Hearthstone to Oribos. The story then led us to open another portal, this time to a place called Bastion. And that’s where Dasal left off.

Dasal meets (or is shown) The Arbiter

Clearly, something has gone wrong in this place and I’m going to assume it is up to us from Azeroth to fix it.

Then it was Mabaho’s turn, I found the second go through was a little more tedious, but not overly. I knew where the couple of locations I needed to move to were, but with several cut scenes and some fixed dialogue, you can only hurry it up so much.

Mabaho met The Arbiter, opened the Org portal (and set his Hearthstone) and also headed to bastion.

Apparently, it has been some time since anyone visited The Bastion, and things have been running down, or been in sleep mode. Kleia, who we first meet, mistakes Mabaho as an applicant so starts to show me around. Mab follows, though he keeps his tru mission to himself. Again, meeting several people and having a little tour around, what appeared to be another floating city seems to actually be a bigger floating land. I don’t think the size of the entire Outlands, but floating like that nonetheless.

Mab has ventured from the arrival area of The Bastion and is off in the “countryside”.

WoW – Into the Shadowlands

Feeling somewhat like I’ve jumped back in time 3 or 4 years, I’ve rally gotten back into WoW again. So here I am, at Shadowlands.

With 3 boosts (2 to 48, 1 to 50) on my account, and Mabaho almost at 48 I had plenty of options. Mabaho had earlier spent some time finishing story quests in Stormheim, then started the story in Suramar before hitting 48. Most of this time was spent trying to figure out how my key binds were going to work, getting some idea of a rotation, getting my head around WoW again. It seemed to take ages.

But he hit 48, and the Shadowlands quest opened up for him. I spent some time cleaning out the quest log. Amazingly, I seem to have an Alliance pet training quest, that I can’t abandon and I have to go to Teldrassil to complete. Very weird. Cleaned out some of his bags too. Didn’t open the bank though, at the moment the bank is like that one closet or drawer you have at home that you shove things in and never look at too closely.

And then into the story. It was still a little more time before I remembered to look up the key bind for screenshots.

Mabaho has entered the Maw, and spent some time working to save the world’s leaders, including his own Baine. There was a terrible moment when he thought Baine was about to die though.

The Jailer holds Baine high above.

Then it was the battle at the Keystone to find a way out.

Apparently only I have the “specialness” to be able to activate this

Before appearing, alone, in a strange place.

I’ve just appeared in this place… not Kansas anymore…. reminds me a little of Shattrath City

The story has been engaging so far, but with the Highlord Mogaine and Lady Proudmore at my side the whole way, I’ve not really felt threatened, at least in the set pieces.

With Mabaho there, I boosted Mabango to 48. I spent the required time training and then in a similar way, some time getting a rough rotation set up on my key binds. I also cleaned out quests, mail and bags. Mabango disenchanted everything she could (all my sentimental gear is with Mabaho really). And then she entered the Maw.

Mabango arrives in The Maw

I’ve not moved her from the very beginning yet.

Then it was Dasal (officially Magdasal from the server change so long ago) turn to step up. Same process, the training side piece (actually, didn’t mind it this time) and then the clean up. Then Dasal was into The Maw. And

And I didn’t take any screenshots 😦

Dasal has pushed off from the start, but not far. Dasal is feeling a lot safer as she has Mogaine and Proudmore as her companions. She isn’t really one to be up close and personal with her opponents.

I still have a single boost left. I feel I should pump Pumatay up. Because he deserves it. But I’m also thinking about maybe a different character? I have a druid and a death knight that I’ve dabbled in a little….

But really it should be Pumatay shouldn’t it..

WoW – The addiction returns?

Miss really wanted to try WoW again. I was a bit hesitant, as I remember the occasions when I procrastinated with it. However, it was still the school holidays at this stage, so I was ok with it. I also have very little outside my two jobs. I have finished my study and not currently working on any other projects, so outside of D&D (and family stuff) I don’t have any commitments.

She used her money and subbed, getting stuck in to messing about with characters she had from last time as well as new ones. She also purchased Shadowlands for herself, something I haven’t even done yet.

Anyway, I resubbed as well. To keep her company, to help out, you know….

Boy has a lot changed since I last logged in (maybe 2 years ago?). Everything seems reset. My characters were all still there, but suddenly they’re back in the 40s, not the 80/90s (yes I know about the new level cap). Took several sessions and some close reading of Icy-Veins before I had a handle, somewhat, on Mabaho’s actions. Seems he’s allowed to fly again, which I didn’t expect.

So he’s done the Tauren (High Mountain?), and I found him getting into the Valkyrie story, so I’ve progressed through that. He’s up to 46 now.

But for the first time, he’s not my highest character. I used a level boost (from one of the other expansions) and punched Mabango, my lock up to 48. She went off and started the troll nation quests. I haven’t really got her sorted yet. That was supposed to be to help Miss.

I still have a single boost left. So Magdasal or Pumatay? Oh, as typing this I realise that if I get a Shadowlands expansion, I’ll get another, so I could raise both.

Of course, then I have to level them up to 60 the regular way.

Outside of managing my characters, and the total reset of their skills and action bars, some things have changed.

But my memory is so faded and I remember several of these changes starting back in the earlier expansions, so I more am comparing it to probably Cataclysm days… and that was long ago.

I’ve not experimented with any pet battles, nor have I tried to join any groups dungeons. Still not confident.

The guild has changed a lot too. Only Navimie, my friend and the guild master seems to have stayed. I don’t think I’ve recognised another toon in the sessions I’ve logged in to.

So I’ll sub for a little bit and see where it takes me.

Oh, and Miss, well she took off, has a half dozen characters that I can’t keep up with, as we don’t have the same time online. Ah well.

WoW – Lets go Legion

It’s almost as bad as my first BC attempt (*BC attempt is discussed here). Ok, not as bad, but I’m dieing all over the place


See, here, again. Pretty much every time there is a mini boss, I get pounded at least once. During the quest chain for DoomHammer I died to one there about 7 times. It’s quite frustrating. BC was worse, I would die every second boar there.

So yes, I picked DoomHammer. It is Enhance spec after all, and that is what Mab has stayed consistently as, so it makes sense.


After that I believe I was in my craft hall (the Earthern Ring cavern). From there I have picked HighMountain. They are Tauren after all.

(and that’s where you find me dieing, again)



WoW – Ding.

I have no idea what happened to this post. I don’t know why it was blank.

WoWScrnShot_030118_053722Mabaho is 100.

I’ve purchased the Legion and Battle for Azeroth double pack. This gets me a 100 boost and a 110 boost, but no collectors pets or mounts. To be honest, that doesn’t bother me. And as I don’t play Starcraft, Diablo, Overwatch and have only dabbled in Hearthstone, the other add-ons are not of interest either.

Besides I’m still waiting for my 2 seat mount from RaF.

I haven’t used the boosts, but at this point, I’m waiting to see how far Mini Mab and I get.



WoW – RaF

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 10.51.24 pm.png

I decided to RaF to my daughter’s trial account partly as it seemed the easiest way to get us a 2-seat mount. This all went through without any trouble, although it did set her up with a second WoW Trial account (that’s annoying, but no loss as she didn’t have a toon over 10 in the other one).  We both started a Panda (as she wanted to do that, and I’d never done it either).  I started a Monk as it was new and she has started a Priest.

The levelling was fast working together and with RaF active providing even more bonuses. We were almost 17 by the time we made the choice for Horde and headed over to Org instead of about 13.  Just before she hit 20 I subscribed her so we could keep playing. This will also activate my bonuses once the 30 days free time is expired.

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 10.49.55 pm.pngWe also ran RFC and SFK with LFG. Both times the three others were clearly overgeared (with heirlooms etc) as they proceeded to tank multiple groups at a time. All a bit confusing for my daughter though. As a priest (but mostly damage at this stage) she kept running into melee range or getting lost. I think that meant her damage output was quite low (plus neither of us are in heirloom), which I think is why she was kicked in the SFK run, before I could let them know that it was a young player on her 2 ever dungeon. Bit rude I thought, it’s not like the group was struggling. I left the group as well. I had been coaching her, but still it’s confusing your first few runs, especially if someone is basically running you through it (the tanks and heals were just blitzing these runs) without stopping to talk or any need to strategise.

Anyway, she’s enjoying it and I’m enjoying being resubbed as well. May is about 99.5 now from 96 a week ago. But OMG the requirements to activate flying in WoD are ridiculous. Still it will shortly be time to buy this new Legion expac I’ve heard about and level to 110…. 😉

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 10.52.27 pm.png

WoW – Stayin Alive!


OMG, I died about 6 or 8 times tonight. Any group larger than 3 and I’m throwing my life (and repair gold) away. These quests are killing me, literally. For example,  I have to kill a large worm in a cavern (up on Frost??? Ridge) and it has about 4 adds around it. Nope.

Then there’s this guy that I didn’t even attempt. He’s only 1 level above me, but there are 6 adds in the vicinity and a wandering three that may get involve. And he probably hits like a brick on his own…

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 10.52.04 pm.png

So I’m getting a bit sick of dying. It’s almost like the bad old days when I first launched into Burning Crusade.

Now I know my gear isn’t great. I reckon I need to relearn more about my rotation. Those will help. Also, don’t run back into the fight when you’re suffering res sickness, there’s an old tip I had forgotten.

On the plus side I’ve actually used my Hex spell a few times. It helps. A little.

WoW – Back into it

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 10.47.54 am.pngSo I have resubed, again. I think this is about the third break I have taken from the game, and by far the longest. In October 2016, Mabaho was 96 and not yet finished through Warlords of Draenor. Now it’s February 2018 and we saw the announcement (earlier) of the expac following Legion, which I have not played at all.

Motivated by the eldest Mini Mab, Miss 10, I have been playing with her, supporting her interest in the game. This resub is also enabled by the new iMac being able to support the  game for more than 2 minutes.

WoWScrnShot_021618_203204.jpegThere have been a lot of changes to Mabaho, in rotation and effectiveness. I suddenly feel vulnerable questing, which I haven’t for some time. I can take 1 mob, but 2 troubles me if I don’t get a handle on them. Healing seems almost ineffective as a Enhance Shaman, even self healing. Mana is less important than the new …. err can’t even remember what it’s called.

Spells have changed, that took some sorting.

I’ve also installed a bank in my Garrison which has been nice. I waited a little bit to sort through the bags and bank, finding a Reagents Bank tab that I don’t remember. I also need to investigate some things I’ve never really been sure of, now that we have the collections menu.

Do I need to hold on to stuff just to be able to transmog it? Pets, Mounts and Toys I know I can click on and learn and they disappear usually. But what if they don’t, should I hold them?

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 10.49.31 am.pngThis idea of scaling has me sort of happy. I can run Pumatay with Miss 10’s toons and get xp. But does that mean that Mabaho can quest anywhere in Draenor and the enemy will be a challenge?

So my broad plan is this.

  • Grind Mabaho up to 100. He’s up to 97.5 now
  • Let Miss 10 explore toons as she feels up to and let her pick one. At the moment she is leaning towards a druid. Mess about with some other new toons supporting her (though Pumatay can do this as well). I currently have a lvl 12 Druid partying up with her lvl 12 Hunter.
  • Once decided, purchase Legion for both of us, and use the 100 boost to bring up her toon and a complementary toon from my stable, such as bringing a Healer if she picks a DPS/Tank, picking a Tank/DPS if she picks a Healer, or I guess, two DPS is a viable option, certainly for questing.
  • If Mabaho is to be run through it, then I would likely bring up Magdasal. Maybe switch between the two, running Das when she’s trying to run dungeons and run Mab when questing.
  • Run through Legion together. Up to 110.
  • Purchase the next expac and raise up another toon for each of us. I would probably look at Pumatay (finally) at this point. Now We should have 2 toons each at 110 (Mabaho/Magdasal and Pumatay), and I will have another 90 (Mabango) and another at 100 (Magdasal) or poor Pumatay still at 57….

Seems like a pretty good plan don’t you think? Is it best use of our character level boosts?

Would Miss 10 be better off levelling all the way from 0-110? I don’t really think so, it would be so unmotivating I think.

Dying of the Light

I said I had two WoW problems (of course, there is the unspoken – I have resubbed to WoWcrack problem as well). The second is of course the iMac. Levelling with Miss 9 means running the PC and the iMac (any thoughts of an iOS version of WoW, lol) together. Normally not a problem. The PC, an ancient first gen i7 with a 9500GT – it’s pretty noisy but still running ok. As it boots from an SSD it’s very quick to start up actually. And then there’s the iMac.

So I talked somewhat about the problems a couple of posts ago. Even WoW is enough to push it too hard. It can be as long as an hour, or as little as ten minutes before bad things start happening on the screen and I need to quit. As long as I quit before a complete failure (with usually a mostly blank display) it seems to be able to carry on doing word processing etc after I’ve quit.

Otherwise, a reboot gets it back running. Still, that won’t last forever.

The case, the main heatsink for these computers gets very toasty. It always has, but it seems if this cools down then I get a bit longer out of it than if I try to start WoW when it’s already warm. I’m sure that’s either the root cause of the problem (heat stressed components failing over time, it’s a late 2010 model after all) or a symptom of it (the dying video card working harder than it needs to).

So come on Apple, announce MacMini updates if you’re going to so I can decide what to do. I’m starting to lean back towards the cheapest MacMini (second hand?) I can get and spend the money on a PC instead. Either way, I have 2 keyboards, 3 mice and a display all ready for whichever box I head down. I may be dual boxing on one screen.

Of course, I have all my fingers and toes and eyes crossed hoping I won’t get a total failure of the iMac before I am ready. Heck it’s hung on for a year already (more than 2 if you count back to when my original problems started occurring!)

NOTE: I am not considering the smaller iMacs (21.5″) as there is no advantage over the MacMini. None of the smaller ones run a discrete video card, only the larger Macbook Pros and 27″ Macs do. So I would be paying extra money for a (nice) screen.

Little WoWers

So Miss 9 wanted to try WoW again. They mucked about with it a few years ago when I was playing. Mostly they made new characters and had fun with that.

Miss 9 actually got in and started questing. Being older now, she quickly got a handle on controlling her toon (Miss 7 stills struggles with the mouse/KB in each hand – interesting demonstration of development). And so she started a BE Mage.

Then she started pestering me to team up with her.

So I (didn’t resubscribe) dusted off my main account (you can play to 20 just like a trial account) and made a BE Paladin. So we got started and levelled quickly together. It was about this time that I remembered about RAF. Ah well.

As she had more time (damn study) she kept getting a level or two ahead of me, then most of our combined sessions was me catching up. So I thought, I’ll resub and bring one of my high toons to help out when needed.

So I resubbed and logged in. Erm I can’t remember how to get to Silvermoon City and started with a zep to UC. I planned to go from there. Pumatay was going to get a run (being that he was only 57, I’m still sure he would have been helpful. And the idea was that eventually she would catch up and Puma could level with her.

But got annoyed and confused trying that and went back to levelling with her on my new toon.

Though now she has switched to a Tauren Hunter (yeah!). At least getting to Mulgore is easy.

And I have resubscribed.

And I have no idea what I am doing! The spells are ALL different and I am trying to read icy veins with one eye while playing with the other eye!

There are a couple of other troubles too. One is of course study. The other is the next post.