WoW – Into the Shadowlands

Feeling somewhat like I’ve jumped back in time 3 or 4 years, I’ve rally gotten back into WoW again. So here I am, at Shadowlands.

With 3 boosts (2 to 48, 1 to 50) on my account, and Mabaho almost at 48 I had plenty of options. Mabaho had earlier spent some time finishing story quests in Stormheim, then started the story in Suramar before hitting 48. Most of this time was spent trying to figure out how my key binds were going to work, getting some idea of a rotation, getting my head around WoW again. It seemed to take ages.

But he hit 48, and the Shadowlands quest opened up for him. I spent some time cleaning out the quest log. Amazingly, I seem to have an Alliance pet training quest, that I can’t abandon and I have to go to Teldrassil to complete. Very weird. Cleaned out some of his bags too. Didn’t open the bank though, at the moment the bank is like that one closet or drawer you have at home that you shove things in and never look at too closely.

And then into the story. It was still a little more time before I remembered to look up the key bind for screenshots.

Mabaho has entered the Maw, and spent some time working to save the world’s leaders, including his own Baine. There was a terrible moment when he thought Baine was about to die though.

The Jailer holds Baine high above.

Then it was the battle at the Keystone to find a way out.

Apparently only I have the “specialness” to be able to activate this

Before appearing, alone, in a strange place.

I’ve just appeared in this place… not Kansas anymore…. reminds me a little of Shattrath City

The story has been engaging so far, but with the Highlord Mogaine and Lady Proudmore at my side the whole way, I’ve not really felt threatened, at least in the set pieces.

With Mabaho there, I boosted Mabango to 48. I spent the required time training and then in a similar way, some time getting a rough rotation set up on my key binds. I also cleaned out quests, mail and bags. Mabango disenchanted everything she could (all my sentimental gear is with Mabaho really). And then she entered the Maw.

Mabango arrives in The Maw

I’ve not moved her from the very beginning yet.

Then it was Dasal (officially Magdasal from the server change so long ago) turn to step up. Same process, the training side piece (actually, didn’t mind it this time) and then the clean up. Then Dasal was into The Maw. And

And I didn’t take any screenshots 😦

Dasal has pushed off from the start, but not far. Dasal is feeling a lot safer as she has Mogaine and Proudmore as her companions. She isn’t really one to be up close and personal with her opponents.

I still have a single boost left. I feel I should pump Pumatay up. Because he deserves it. But I’m also thinking about maybe a different character? I have a druid and a death knight that I’ve dabbled in a little….

But really it should be Pumatay shouldn’t it..

Author: Mabaho

I'm a married dad who likes to ride my motorbike and if I ever find the time, to play computer games. This blog started out as just WoW, but has moved onto a whole lot of different things.

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