WoW – The addiction returns?

Miss really wanted to try WoW again. I was a bit hesitant, as I remember the occasions when I procrastinated with it. However, it was still the school holidays at this stage, so I was ok with it. I also have very little outside my two jobs. I have finished my study and not currently working on any other projects, so outside of D&D (and family stuff) I don’t have any commitments.

She used her money and subbed, getting stuck in to messing about with characters she had from last time as well as new ones. She also purchased Shadowlands for herself, something I haven’t even done yet.

Anyway, I resubbed as well. To keep her company, to help out, you know….

Boy has a lot changed since I last logged in (maybe 2 years ago?). Everything seems reset. My characters were all still there, but suddenly they’re back in the 40s, not the 80/90s (yes I know about the new level cap). Took several sessions and some close reading of Icy-Veins before I had a handle, somewhat, on Mabaho’s actions. Seems he’s allowed to fly again, which I didn’t expect.

So he’s done the Tauren (High Mountain?), and I found him getting into the Valkyrie story, so I’ve progressed through that. He’s up to 46 now.

But for the first time, he’s not my highest character. I used a level boost (from one of the other expansions) and punched Mabango, my lock up to 48. She went off and started the troll nation quests. I haven’t really got her sorted yet. That was supposed to be to help Miss.

I still have a single boost left. So Magdasal or Pumatay? Oh, as typing this I realise that if I get a Shadowlands expansion, I’ll get another, so I could raise both.

Of course, then I have to level them up to 60 the regular way.

Outside of managing my characters, and the total reset of their skills and action bars, some things have changed.

But my memory is so faded and I remember several of these changes starting back in the earlier expansions, so I more am comparing it to probably Cataclysm days… and that was long ago.

I’ve not experimented with any pet battles, nor have I tried to join any groups dungeons. Still not confident.

The guild has changed a lot too. Only Navimie, my friend and the guild master seems to have stayed. I don’t think I’ve recognised another toon in the sessions I’ve logged in to.

So I’ll sub for a little bit and see where it takes me.

Oh, and Miss, well she took off, has a half dozen characters that I can’t keep up with, as we don’t have the same time online. Ah well.

Hey…. Are you in THE FROSTWOLVES?

Here I was about to fight the rat-bunny thing in a LFD run on Dasal, when I get that in party chat… I thought they were asking if I was in the Orc clan Frostwolves, you know the one in the new expac, like maybe I was a dev or something?

“My guild has been called that for about 8 years” I answered. I figured that would make it clear I wasn’t a dev, but maybe if they had heard of the guild make it also clear I wasn’t in a copycat guild or something (is that even possible). Come on, I’m not on the raid team in the Frosties, whoever would have heard of me.

“OMG I love the blog!”

Ha ha, now I knew what was going on. I had met a fan of Navi’s blog,

“Navi, I’ve met a fan of your’s” I posted in gchat.

So the fight was a bit rough as we attempted to fight, not die and also figure out what we were talking about. In the end I promised to hang about after the fight for pics.

The run had been interesting already, as the first healer had left and Dasal tried to take up the slack while still in Shadow spec. I do have Holy spec but I haven’t sorted out the buttons since I changed the UI. I managed to heal through the first boss, the big Hozen, but failed miserably on the rat-bunny. Too many other people getting damaged (like me). We died.

Then just as a new healer arrived the above conversation started.

Totemic was pretty excited to meet a guildie of Navi, She credits Navi with getting her into blogging. She even reads this blog mentioning a the previous post “Weak Spot in the Clouds” which to be honest I didn’t remember writing. Just checked now, it was only 5 posts again… oh dear my memory! (Hey Totemic, if you read this, there’s a vid on Youtube to match that post) [Yeah, that’s a subtle way to get more views, lol]

Oh, glad I took a picture too 🙂


And I promised to let Navi know and said goodnight after I found her blog. I like her guild name too, <Potential Unleashed>. It was also interesting to see an Elemental specced Shammy at work after so long running Mabaho as Enhance.

Oh, Dasal is 87 now. Not far to go.

WoW – Back

Having not played my druid for ages, the new travel form was a surprise.

I resubscribed. And got to work moving gear, mats and money about. I got to the point where I only have the 4 toons for moving and 1 extra bank (eventually) toon on the new server.

Deleting toons, that’s pretty unusual for me. We need a moment of silence for Naknak, Mandrongas, MalakingPuno, Monghe, Hatsya and Engkanto.



Pumatay and Mabango have migrated to the new server, but I haven’t yet logged in. Dasal and Mabaho are ready, but I am not. They haven’t got names yet. I have a lead on one for Mabaho, but Dasal can’t use that option.

So let’s log in and see who’s about….


Whew, time to play.

Feels like ages since I had a chance to play, though its really only about 5 days.

Some guild news first, Dragonray from Azerothian Life has joined us, which is pretty cool. She wanted somewhere for one of her alts, a Horde toon, to live so Navi convinced her that no matter what she’s heard, the Frosties really aren’t as crazy as they say. So big welcome to Dragonray.

Midsummer Festival has started, I just checked Mab’s list for that. Ah, everything needs doing except for Ahune. Been pretty slack on his Firelands dailies recently too. Maybe I’ll just run the DS 5mans.

Blade’s Edge Mountains

Mabango is still working in Blade’s Edge. Halfway through 67, I’m considering a move to Netherstorm shortly, perhaps at the end of the current quest chain. She did score one achieve when she came across this guy.


So Medium Rare done for Mabango.

I also liked the random way this Son of Gruul ended up too.

Lost his head.



The King is Dead! Long Live the King!

I logged in to do some levelling on Mabango only to find Navi in ICC. Quickly I swapped to Mab and was invited into the 10man achievement run. I was pretty excited as apart from occasionally walking in the front door and leaving, I’ve never been in ICC, let alone killed the King himself.

I joined as they approached the airship fight. I was instructed to stay on ours and repel boarders.

Enemy to Starboard!

Again it was mostly a case of follow, bash whatever came within reach, listen carefully to the brief so as not screw up people’s achievements (and my own of course). And the run went well.

Inside the Citadel

These guys are UGLY!

Helping Valithria Dreamwalker

The achieve with the green dragon didn’t work out.

Sindragosa arrives

I hadn’t realised Sin was a she, until they said the Queen was coming 🙂

And is slain

The Blood Queen

The Lich King

We declared our allegiance

I have to admit, I afk’d (RL issues) for the first run through this as we attempted to get 30 stacks (of something???) and came back to a dead body and a second attempt. I have a bad feeling that my afk killed them (though I did word them up I was leaving). So again, my record of dieing at least once (usually more) in every guild run is secure.

Battling the Lich King

Moments later I was thrown from the platform and died and I was convinced that we were starting again. Vent and chat opened up with Don’t Release!! so I didn’t, but spent the next couple of minutes staring up to the platform wondering what would happen.

My view

Eventually we were raised up and the KING WAS DEAD! The cutscene started and I watched most of it before the vent conversation brought me back. And you can view it in Dalaran if you wish.


So a new title and a list of achieves. All 10 man

Hmm, actually looking at the achieves I must have been ported in at Lady Deathwhisper, not the boat. I kinda thought that was trash. 8 or 9 Heroic DS geared toons (and me) makes short work of these dungeons.

A Busy Evening

WIth the kids actually in bed and asleep, and it being Friday night which is normally guild alt raid night I logged in wondering what might be happening. I didn’t find any alt raids (which is good, as I’ve banned myself from them) but a small group was running Black Temple. I was pretty sure Mabaho hadn’t done it, but I think Dasal had, so Mabaho joined in.

Turns out I had done it, but it was over fast and then they decided to push into Naxx. Now I definitely hadn’t done all of that, a check of achieves tells me I finished 10 man Construct qtr in May 2009, about 3 years ago! And I certainly never went there in Vanilla.

We had a group of 8 but with the rest of them geared for DS I knew my mediocre (by comparison) effort won’t be telling (as it is when we alt raid, hence the self induced ban).

So for me, a first time in 3/4 of Naxx and we were running 25man. Here is a few snapshots (though I reckon some of you might be well sick of the place)

The Four Horsemen of Naxx

Nice Doggy

Chaos! A problem with being melee in a run like this is that they keep pulling the enemy away from you, catch up Mabaho!

Heigan the Unclean

I was impressed by this room, Sapphirons chamber.

Sapphiron is defeated.


He seemed to like me, maybe he new it was my first time so gave me the full tour?

It was also a busy night for achieves, racking up the following (all 25 man) –

I think that’s about the longest list of achieves in one sitting for me. Some more notes (to try and halt this wall of a post)

  • I died once, just to keep my tradition going. It wasn’t to frogger though, Sapphiron smashed me with something (I probably stood in some ice or some such)
  • No one died to frogger! Or the tunnel boss.
  • We tried for Shocking, but didn’t get it for some reason.
  • See how there’s no screenshots of Black Temple. I was halfway through Naxx before I realised. I’m terrible at remembering to take pictures.
  • When the group is super powered like this they often run about collecting mobs, making really hard for me and my totems to get some serious head bashing in.
  • Turns out Mabaho needs SSC, Kara and Sunwell to complete BC raids. Naxx is the only one he’s done in WotLK.

I had fun and it was nice to see all of Naxx.

Time Flies … ?

A busy morning, but the biggest news of the day is that I finally managed to earn exalted with the guild, yes I realise that’s more than a year in real time. If you’re wondering,  it can be done through a majority of questing but it takes almost all of the new Cata zones to get that far.


I still think they should have given people initial standing on how long they have been in the guild though, say Revered if you’ve been in the guild 4 or more years, Honoured for more than 2 or something like that.

It isn’t the only rep I’ve raised in Cata, as I whenever I ran a dungeon I worked on TB, Org, UC and the trolls rep using tabards. There’s no point in chasing guild rep there as these weren’t guild runs. Currently all dungeon runs are working on Silvermoon rep so I can see what a big Tauren looks like on a chicken.

The Guild

Okay, I didn’t want to post this until after Navi did as she was the one who asked me to make it.

So here is a big chunk of the Frostwolves in all their glory 🙂

Frostwolves 2012 dinner meet.

I’m the Tauren up the very back (the right hand one with the black horns). Navi is the Tauren in the front centre (holding the baby Tauren…. hmmm I guess that make her a calf). Cymre is holding the camera so can’t be seen here. Though technically she’s not a Frostie, she’s was for a long time and the parting was very a friendly one.

Remember to take your friends out of Azeroth sometimes too.

Or something like that was the tip.

Just arrived home from a real life meeting of the Frosties. It was great to put faces and real people to many of the folks I have been playing with for several years. The meet was held in Sydney and people came from Melbourne, Tasmainia and all over. We had about 25 people there for Pizza and stuff.

A diverse bunch but its nice to see us all getting along in RL as we do in the game.

Not really related to my opinion of real life but it’s sort of related vaguely.

Lastly a big apology to Cyrme as I’ve been spelling her name Cryme forever. Sorry!