BL2 – Tiny Tina

I’m at home sick, and they didn’t give me enough sick days to actually head home. So I’m stuffing about on the computer and got into Borderlands again. Full of interesting characters this game.


I’ve just met Tiny Tina. She seems like a happy 13 year old, but she’s a little, well no, she’s a lot nuts. She built me these rocket bunnies to take out a train.


I die quite a bit. But it’s a fun ride.

And now I have to go blow up/hijack a train.

Quiet, but busy

I’ve been pretty busy, but not so much gaming. I have decided I really need to finish up ripping all the DVDs in my house into my iTunes library. Now that I have a NAS I have the space. I’m down to just about 6 or so TV series that need to be done. Mostly anime. Then I’ll double check through the stacks in case I’ve missed others.

The computer has also been busy with video footage. There’s a couple of new videos out on YouTube from me.

I did get Borderlands out the other day. Running a couple of missions for Lillith. I didn’t really want to head out on story missions as I knew I wouldn’t have time over the coming days to finish it.


I was getting about in the Bandit truck I picked up. It fires these saw blades which wreck vehicles, but are a little too inaccurate for animals and bandits, so I switched back to the original scout car.



2013-09-09_00002I figure I’ll do a few side missions, level up a bit, maybe get some new guns etc. Then when I get some time, I can push forward on the story.

BL2 – Leave No Man Behind

2013-08-22_00002I killed the cargo droid and have rescued Roland. I found a spot where I could ping away at the droids critical spot. Weird thing is that the droid didn’t move throughout the entire fight. Also this time he stopped respawning others. That was probably the tipping poin tfor the victory, the lack of adds.

Now I’m back in Sanctuary about to chase up more work.

BL2 – Roland, the one that got away.


Find Roland, he will help you. Find Roland, he’s captured by the Bloodshot clan. So first, get into their base. That means defeating


2013-08-18_00004I laughed at this guy. His midgets get released and join in as well. I managed to kite him back to my vehicle (stranded outside a gate) and then mount up and mow him down. Again, maybe not what the designers intended, but its a kill.

He had the doorkey, so in I went, into the stronghold.


I spent ages picking off bandits, kiting, separating, killing, and moving back and forth through the rooms. I had some respawn issues as I left the game paused over two nights before I found a Fast Travel station (the save points).

Eventually I found Roland locked in a cell. Just then, droids from Hyperion snatched him and led me on a merry chase. I now have their boss to kill. a large cargo droid that spawns extra droids as you kill them, he’s proving tougher as I have not yet figured a trick to get him.

I prefer to play these sort of games as a long range hitter. I’ve found a solid rifle and with some skill points in the right area I’m scoring some one shot kills. The droids are routine kills if I can hit their “eye socket” properly.

It does take longer, but I am comfortable with this style. Then I realised that in MWO I played similarly with the LRM weapons, lock it up, shoot from range. And also many years ago, my last FPS – Ghost Recon, was the same. I’m not really an in your face kinda hitter. Even as a Shaman in WoW it was a case of separating a mob from the others and killing that one, rather than killing the group, though as enhance, I did bash heads.

Overall, still enjoy this game. I like the humour as well. I would love a different save set up though – my main gripe. My second is that health packs are way less frequent than ammo. Level 13 now.


BL2 – Finding the Firehawk.

The Firehawk
The Firehawk

I’ve been tracking down the Firehawk. Been a while since I launched onto this mission so I can’t remember if it was because The Firehawk had Roland (The Sanctuary leader) or just knew where he might be.

Anyway, I found her. Turns out she’s a good guy and works with Roland. That explained why I couldn’t kill the two bodyguards. I could drop them to zero hitpoints but they wouldn’t die. It was a little frustrating. Actually what was wrong was they were part of a set piece and I hadn’t activated that yet.

So now I’m off to infiltrate another gang to see if they have Roland.

This game has lots of factions, and there are also aggressive animals as well. There are even some bad guys who go into berserker rages and will attack anything nearby… including their own faction.

So I’ve set these guys off and disappeared, they’ve then cleared out campsites for me. Or I’ve set the spider crabs things onto bandits. It’s a cool idea that the mobs will actually aggress each other. Sometimes this happens without me even doing anything except waiting for their patrols to cross paths.

This was a good trick, I had two berserkers pummelling each other, after clearing the site for me.
This was a good trick, I had two berserkers pummelling each other, after clearing the site for me.

A good couple of hours last night and another this morning sees me up to Level 12.

BL2 – Looking for Roland



I made it into Sanctuary. After a couple of small missions inside the town and running into the town doctor…

Here ya go Navi… isn’t this just like your work ;P

I’ve headed out of town in order to try to find Captain Roland. He’s the leader of the Crimson somethings, that defend Sanctuary from the evil guy I’m apparently after… Handsome Jack.

Somehow Roland has got himself lost out there in the wilderness, and its up to me to find him… none of his other troops are up to it (hmm, might suggest he looks at doing some training of his guys when I catch up to him!)

So at the moment I’m out there in Frostburn Canyon, looking for some lowlife named Firehawk.2013-07-27_00008As I progressed, scrounging through the boxes and containers abandoned about the place, I have come across some that have a midget who is kinda like a really tough piñata that shoots back inside them.

2013-07-27_00012And this is the second one I’ve come across… I’ve almost got him a few times now.

2013-07-27_00009Mostly though, the meetings have ended up in regenerations. Still I notice he’s level 11 and Badass (like Elite I think) and I’m level 9, so killing him will be a bonus 🙂




Borderlands2 – Getting on with it


The annoying save points are the way the game plays. The respawns are probably because it is an FPS RPG, rather than just a mission based shooter. Get over it Mabaho!

And I have. By leaving the game paused but running when in between Fast Travel points I can save my progress and not have to refight bosses all over the place. With that in mind I got on with the game.

So I found Flynt, the next boss.

2013-07-21_00007He was a pyromanic, spraying fire all over the place. After several deaths I was getting worried I wasn’t going to get past him, especially when he knocked me off the side (no falling damage in this game) and down a few levels. I started to climb when I realised he was shooting at me, and mostly missing. But he wasn’t moving much either.

You can just see Flynt in my crosshairs, stuck on that beam.

Sweet, algorithm was stuck. And so I ground him down. I’ll take that kill.

The game got its own back later when I was scouting a new village and activated some big bad mf, who killed be about 6 times on his own before I got him. Payback huh!

Moving on, I’ve acquired a vehicle and am working to get into Sanctuary, the last free city on Pandora (hey, no Avatars here??). Back to enjoying the game.

And as you can see, I can get screenshots (done through the Steam Overlay).



Boom & Bewm… and Boom & Bewm … and… omg

Boom & Bewm, the repeating boss.
Boom & Bewm, the repeating boss.

Played a couple more hours of Borderlands 2. Still enjoying it, but I’ve found one thing that is REALLY annoying – the save method.

There are save points along the game. Activating them gives you the little saving icon. If you die, then you are revived (for an increasing cost! I liked that idea) at those save points. Cool so far (and dead guys stay dead too)

If you exit the game, you get returned to a much earlier save point (these are Fast Travel points – kinda like the wyvern flight paths in WoW) and all the bad guys, including bosses are ALIVE again.

Yes, you have to work your way back through them in order to get back to where you were. This could be a game breaker for me.

If I push ahead for an hour, killing, dying etc, then have to quit because to be honest a solid hour is about all I can scrape together many days. To quit and be RIGHT BACK WHERE I WAS the night before and have to spend the next hour working through it again, only to have to call it a night. And have gotten no further in the game is killing the enjoyment.

Do you see how that could get frustrating, very quickly. Especially as I assume this early game is a lot more linear than later game sequences. It’s not like I can go off and do anything else.

I suppose some consolation is that these save games do not reset your stats as well as your location and the enemy. So any level ups, gear changes, scores etc are kept. This should, over time, allow me to make my way through this more easily. But that’s a pretty slow way to do it. And I’ve beaten those bosses, not fair I have to run them through again.

Am I missing something about these saves?

Argh, Steam Sales … curse you!

borderlands_2I’ve been suckered in by the Steam sales again… evil thing… Borderlands 2 – its playable on the Mac, and after an hour or so… fun.

It’s an RPG so it has elements of WoW, I think you can do multiplayer, but it is a single player game. So should fit in nicely with my life.

I’ve started out as Zero.

borderlands-2-zer0But with it only just started, I don’t see any of his specialties, I think. The game looks great, and is funny in a quirky, dry kind of way so far.

So TR on the PS3, B2 on the Mac. Now if only Real Life could be paused for a bit, lol.