The One that Started it All.

Show us your very first screenshot from the game. Tell us about it, including the date, what you remember about the photo and who was in it with you. Do they still play?

Cryme has started her own screenshot challenge here. Like most, I’ve been through several computers in the time I’ve played WoW. The iMac is my fifth. I actually have most of the stuff from all the way back then, but at several points I did purge the “crappy” photos and until this blog I haven’t really been a snap happy player (actually I’m not snap happy in RL either, drives my Mrs batty!)

This is the earliest I could find.

It’s Mab posing on the Azeroth side of the Dark Portal. I am level 58, it’s August 2007 and I’m about to venture into Outlands for the very first time. Pretty sure the staff is for show as I’ve always played enhance and that’s always been better Dual Wielding. August was about 7 months after BC had been released.

My venture into Outlands went very badly. I was poorly geared in a bunch of quest greens and blues (though those wrists look like dungeon set 1!) and struggled to kill mobs. I also died a lot. I spent a lot on repairs and some mobs (the boars for example) didn’t drop gold, so my bank balance was not doing anything nice. I realise that this is the opposite experience to most at the time.

After a short while I had only done a small piece of Hellfire Pass and I was pretty fed up with the way things were (not) progressing. I decided that the only way to level was to return to Azeroth and come back to Outlands when I was 60.

Remember BC was a tough jump from questing in vanilla. I understand that even Blizzard have admitted that they had really aimed it at people who had been end game in the period before and were waiting for it to come out. I was not one of those, After the lessons from BC, Blizzard has ensured that each expac has been more accessible. And that’s a whole other topic of contention!

I returned to Azeroth and spent some time questing in Western and Eastern Plaguelands and finally got to 60 in Winterfall. It was October 2007

I returned to Azeroth and faired much better. I imagine I had also had some gear upgrades as well. From then on I didn’t fair too badly as I made sure I made at least one, usually two levels before moving zone.

I had one other lesson… I became determined to be level 70 before WotLK was released. I hit 70 in May 2008 and made 80 before Cata. In both cases I even managed a few pieces of purple to help the transition. I was no longer the poor quester trying to get a toehold in each new expac.

Author: Mabaho

I'm a married dad who likes to ride my motorbike and if I ever find the time, to play computer games. This blog started out as just WoW, but has moved onto a whole lot of different things.

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