Then and Now

Okay, my friends have jumped into another screenshot meme so I thought I would too. Then and Now from Manalicious asks us to

 how would an old image of my main character look alongside a new one?

So I created this for you all. (It looks funny because the two additional Mab’s don’t have shadows. My Photoshop skills aren’t quite up to that yet.)

Three views of Mabaho.

Left most Mab is at Level 62, in December 07. An interesting note is this one of the few times I’ve actually had items enchanted. As a solo grinder it hasn’t really been worth it. Still wearing most of the gear he levelled with (see the previous photo at the Dark Portal)

Center Mab is the present incarnation.

Right most Mab is Level 65 or so in February 08. I’ve obviously had a haircut and a nose ring added at some point, which I’ve kept until present. I added this guy as he’s wearing my most favourite head gear – Helm of Lupine Grace. Happily this helm is still in my bank, available for mogging – I should do that actually. Quite a few gear changes evident already. Also for some reason they make enhance shammies wear skirts a lot. I don’t know why.

Overall, gear is different of course, but always a miss mash of stuff from quests, drops etc. Occasionally something from the AH or something crafted. Surprised there’s no fist weapons here as I went through a phase where I really loved them. Couldn’t be disarmed was a bonus too as it was counted as unarmed.

Running as Enhance with Dual Wield is consistent, and the Frostwolves original Tabard can be seen on all three. There was a period in BC and in WotLK where the tabard was changed a couple of times but we went back to this one before Cata.

Wait! Oh that was a…

I’ve never been a rare seeker. And as you can see from my previous post on the subject it’s not the first thing on my mind when I see a mob.

Dasal has decided that she wants more dresses. I was reading Cryme’s post on her latest Mog sets and the couple of dresses there sparked my interest. One, Alanna’s Embrace just needed (probably a lot) runs through a piece of Scholo to get to the correct boss.

So I flew Mab over there. And remembered it would be BoP. So I flew Dasal there and found some big mob standing in Scholo’s doorway. I didn’t feel like bothering him so Dasal ran down the side and into Scholo. I was running short of time so I ran about Scholo learning the way to the boss, before logging out for the night.

This morning I ran her through it bunch of times without success. Once the Instance locked  up (too many runs in short time) I returned to Org to clear out bags etc. Flew back to the entrance and there was no mob there. And then I thought…

Oh, that was a rare wasn’t it.

Why, yes it was, say Navime and Cryme, Turns out it was Putridius.

Here’s some death and destruction by Dasal (who’s almost never hurt anything!) in Scholo. I liked this one with the ring of bodies.

Feel the wrath of a Holy Priest lol