Yay for Magdasal.


Magdasal was busy questing for this pretty face. It had asked me to raise a couple of friends, so I headed to the swamp above to get them.

WoWScrnShot_102314_173439I raised the first one without any problems. As they come up you get attacked by a few folks including a “beaver” and a bunch of little ones. During the second one, there was an Alliance panda AFK, right where he rises.

When the small beavers approached, for some reason they aggroed on the afk toon and proceeded to kill her.

WoWScrnShot_102314_173630Kinda funny to watch actually. Poor player… coming back to a dead toon.

I finished those quests and ran through a few more for the Shado-Pan. Before long, she dinged 90. Ready for WoD.




WoW – Blizzard Steals my thunder!


So that hit the server just as Magdasal hit 90…. she got lost in the noise :(

What we have so far is this

- on next Tuesday maint the Oceanic servers will be shutdown and when they come back up they will be physically in Australia

- people on the Oceanic servers will not have to do anything.

- people on US servers could be offered free transfer, but I’m not sure how they will decide that.

and we will have very small lag.

Not sure it will mean much to me as a solo player who doesn’t PvP or raid. But great news for us all.

WoW – 1 to go (again)

Work kept me busy the other night, then a giant shutdown on Tuesday so no time to play. Finally last night I was …. too sleepy and went to bed (oh dear, I’m getting old).

But I woke up early and squeezed in about 15 mins. That was enough for Dasal to ding 89, so 1 to go. And 1 to go of my aim of 3 90s before WoD. Shouldn’t be too hard to get that last level in the time remaining.

WoW 6.0


6.0 now. I don’t remember 1.0, But 6.0 seems like we have come a long way. Lots of changes too, I think it was the biggest Patch Notes I’ve ever seen.

What did I do once I logged in

  • Sorted out Mabaho’s rotations and keybinds
  • Headed out to the Blasted Lands and completed the quests there.
  • Had a quick look at Magdasal’s rotations and keybinds.
  • Mabaho opened his Reagents Tab and filled it up with gems and herbs. This got really bad when I got all the herbs that Mabango had been storing.
  • Magdasal opened her reagents tab and didn’t fill it. But she did do a little bit of levelling her Tailoring and also cost me a fortune training the last two flying levels! Then I remembered I should be levelling her.

So in the end, Mabaho is back at Org and looking to practice his rotations. Cleaning out the bank I ended up upping his gear as there was a bunch of stuff in his bags he hadn’t put on.

The questing was easy, and look how cool the doggies look :)



Overall, I’m pretty happy with what I have read and experienced.

An Eventful Evening

I finally pulled the pin and purchased the WoD expac. Scored a 90s boost which as you know, I’ve been considering long and hard.

WoWScrnShot_100914_203449But for the moment I ignored it and logged into Magdasal in order to get some more levelling done. She’s up to 88 now and I did my usual join the LFD queue and then head off questing. She’s questing in Townlong Steppes which seems pretty age appropriate.

Was busy killing something when the queue popped for Shado Pan Monastery. I’ve done this a few times now and the group started off. I don’t really know what started it off but shortly the tank and a couple of the others were arguing about his performance or queuing or something… I missed the topic completely. After the first bosses the tank left or was kicked and we were four. Started on the next boss and unfortunately I had a phone call so was pretty distracted throughout the fight.

I’m pretty sure that is why shortly after the fight I find myself back in the mobs I was questing against earlier.

Whoa, what happened to the dungeon???

Whoa, what happened to the dungeon???

Shrug, no harm done.

I noticed some mail, and it turned out to be the mount and pet from the Collector’s Expac. So I logged over to Mabaho and picked them up.

Back at the log screen it was boosting time. I gritted my teeth and made a decision…

WoWScrnShot_101314_200715Mabango brought up Mining and Engineering and ended up with a higher iLevel than Mabaho has! Only about 9 points in it though. She looks pretty good.

I logged in and freaked out, the bags were empty. Half of the herbs she was carrying from the server move had disappeared. Mabaho has been hoarding them for years (Mabango started out as my herb bank toon)

Oh, its in the mailbox…. silly me. So I finished up with a bit of tidying and moved Mabango over to Timeless. I’ll read up on Locks rotations as it has been a long time since this one was let loose. Timeless will give me some time to get some practice in.

(oh, it looks like it’s been two YEARS since Mabango was played last!)

Hot or Cold?

It might have been a long weekend, but that just means Monday night – it’s time to return to Canberra for work the next day. Spring has arrived and was giving Sydney a taste of summer with 30C for most of the weekend and Monday was no different. I was starting to get a little concerned about how warm I might be riding back in my touring gear… it’s great in the cold, but can’t beat a vented jacket and jeans when the temperatures really climb.

Mrs Mab’s work resolved the whole issue when they called her in about dinner time. Instead of leaving I found myself organising dinner and baths etc. Departure would be well after dark and probably in the 20C, much more comfortable.

So I eventually got away and it was a very pleasant. Warm… first time in ages it wouldn’t be single digits when I arrived in Canberra. A little windy, that seemed to keep the bugs away (normally there would a lot on a warm night like this).

It was pretty uneventful for about two thirds of the way. Warm, less warm, full moon so kinda bright. Then it started warming up again… in fact around Goulburn it was warmer than when I left home, 2 hours ago…. remember it’s night time.

With the warmth came these great big moths! And then one managed to find itself on the wrong side of the visor, fluttering away.

Not quite an emergency stop, but I whipped open the visor hoping the wind would clear it. It did, but I spent the next twenty minutes with “ghost moths” coming up my helmet (though no more actually did).

And then it rained.

This was a really weird trip back.

But it was nice to be warm for a change :) Sure that feeling won’t last. You know, 20-25 really is the perfect temperature.

Made it home through the warm rain, safe again.

Hey…. Are you in THE FROSTWOLVES?

Here I was about to fight the rat-bunny thing in a LFD run on Dasal, when I get that in party chat… I thought they were asking if I was in the Orc clan Frostwolves, you know the one in the new expac, like maybe I was a dev or something?

“My guild has been called that for about 8 years” I answered. I figured that would make it clear I wasn’t a dev, but maybe if they had heard of the guild make it also clear I wasn’t in a copycat guild or something (is that even possible). Come on, I’m not on the raid team in the Frosties, whoever would have heard of me.

“OMG I love the blog!”

Ha ha, now I knew what was going on. I had met a fan of Navi’s blog,

“Navi, I’ve met a fan of your’s” I posted in gchat.

So the fight was a bit rough as we attempted to fight, not die and also figure out what we were talking about. In the end I promised to hang about after the fight for pics.

The run had been interesting already, as the first healer had left and Dasal tried to take up the slack while still in Shadow spec. I do have Holy spec but I haven’t sorted out the buttons since I changed the UI. I managed to heal through the first boss, the big Hozen, but failed miserably on the rat-bunny. Too many other people getting damaged (like me). We died.

Then just as a new healer arrived the above conversation started.

Totemic was pretty excited to meet a guildie of Navi, She credits Navi with getting her into blogging. She even reads this blog mentioning a the previous post “Weak Spot in the Clouds” which to be honest I didn’t remember writing. Just checked now, it was only 5 posts again… oh dear my memory! (Hey Totemic, if you read this, there’s a vid on Youtube to match that post) [Yeah, that's a subtle way to get more views, lol]

Oh, glad I took a picture too :)


And I promised to let Navi know and said goodnight after I found her blog. I like her guild name too, <Potential Unleashed>. It was also interesting to see an Elemental specced Shammy at work after so long running Mabaho as Enhance.

Oh, Dasal is 87 now. Not far to go.

Update to the WoW return

So my return to WoW hasn’t been meet with sudden rush of gameplay, however I have had a few good sessions.

The first thing I did was to reset my UI, I’m now using ElvUI and it is taking some getting used to. The hardest thing is getting the font reset all over the place slightly bigger (My eyes are getting old!) as the default font is smaller than the default UI size.

Mabaho hasn’t been up to much. As usual, I’ve not been around when the Guild has been doing it’s fun things on Fridays and Saturdays. They are just fun things for them, but often things I would like to complete.

Magdasal, (still getting used to the new name) is progressing and should very shortly be level 87. This time though I am running her as Shadow, and that has certainly made questing easy. Possibly even easier than Mab had it. With several of her attack returning health to her, she is very survivable, I guess that makes up for the cloth armour.

I haven’t done any healing, but she has done a couple of runs through LFD. The Brewery last night and the Temple a couple of times. A few upgrades there as well.

I should have secured my chopper by this stage, now it just remains if I decide to Pre Order the WoD expansion. I expect I will, probably next pay.

In other news, my friend Navimie was interviewed on the Blizzcon Countdown podcast the other week. Ep 25. (and don’t forget to listen to Ep 26, where she gets a surprise). My little connection there is that I recommended the hotel as I had stayed there about a year prior.

Back home… for a moment

Bye Bye Hawaii :(

Bye Bye Hawaii :(

Hawaii was pretty nice. The weather was awesome the whole time, but sadly halfway through I got a cough that developed eventually into a bit of a flu. Didn’t ruin the holiday but did put a damper on some things. Mrs Mab still shopped a lot and even I picked up some clothes!

Trip home was thankfully uneventful, but my blocked sinus could have spelled trouble. The pressure in my ears took a long long time to equalise completely after we landed. This can be real trouble if you burst eardrums or the like, but during the descent I was able to ease some of the pressure using every trick I know to stay uncomfortable but not painful.

At home for a few days before I was called into work. That was annoying and left the house in a bit of a state. Mrs Mab has worn herself out trying to sort things this week while I am away.

Home again tomorrow to take some pressure of her.