WoW – Lagging

I suppose one advantage of being off the computer and hence WoW is that I have been avoiding all of this DDOS and connection issues that seem to have come up. But I pretty frustrated, I was planning for Mabaho to be well in the thick of levelling (likely done by now) and in the dungeons etc, but alas, he still sits about at 90.

I’ve gotten him as far as starting his garrison.

Magdasal is worse, stranded just after the Dark Portal collapsed.

In the downtime, I’ve been tossing about the idea in my head of running a second guild raiding team. I know I’ll have to talk through it carefully with the Guild Leader (waves sheepishly at Navi – I know she has different position on the idea). Sure part of the motivation is selfish, it’s a vehicle for me to get into raiding because playing together is the whole reason I play WoW.

The idea would not to steal folks (not even their alts) from the main team, and not compete with them for resources (players, guild donations etc). And I think this is the tough point for the whole idea…. not to affect the other team, and not to create any tension between them.

But I also know our guild has grown a bit recently and I’m sure I can round up 10 or so others to set up a second team to no detriment to the core (and even the sometimes) raiders, not even a B team – more like your local work footy side vs the Super 14s pro side.  It might even have a limited lifespan, say 12 months (which will be when I move back to Sydney). Anyway, I’ll talk to Navi about it and see if we can set some ground rules for the idea. (and here she is forewarned?)

But certainly not going to do anything until I get to 100 on at least one toon. I might push Magdasal up to heal on (or switch Mabaho to Resto – did I just write that???)


Too busy to blog?

Seems like many of the blogs I read have gone a bit quiet. I did expect more WoD posts from them but I guess many are racing to 100 not posting.

My own WoD experience has been so far very small. I logged in the first night and Mabaho started through the Portal. This was during the whole “I can’t get my Garrison”‘period and I was just sitting there amazed people were already up to that! I played for about an hour before knocking off.

Early the next morning I logged Magdasal in to find the steps of the Portal empty of toons. This made things hard for her but I got her started as well.

Niether toon is even up to 91 yet and I see the Frosties already have at least one 100 already, even with all the apparent login dramas. Great work.

I’m still at home recovering so am playing on the PC which isn’t as well set up (and I don’t have my Naga). It also means that all the usual family distractions are there, hence my leveling is so slow. I still have two weeks at home so I’ll be behind yet again.

I’ve liked it so far, though I’m still running everywhere with Khadgar, which I assume stops at some point. It’s a bit of whirlwind really.