Dead Ends

When I decided to level Mabango through the new areas, I started over in the Tauren starter area for two reasons. I wanted to see how much it had changed and I didn’t feel like levelling in the Blood Elf zones as I find that quite a bore.

Mostly it all seems to run smoothly together. the quests in the starter area lead you eventually out into greater Mulgore and around. However I never came across a quest that lead you out of there, so I stumbled up the new roadway (through the Grimtotem battle) to find (eventually) some more quests about my level.

I’m sure that has happened since, though I can’t think where. It has just happened again in Tanaris. I had been happily instructed to head from quest hub to quest hub, until that just stopped. Without any idea of any remaining quest hubs, I simply headed off to the next zone, Un’goro. Now I have to hunt about the zone looking for a quest hub to start at.

I suppose I could go and try the Chieftain’s notice board back at Org.

The new quests have provided some entertaining rides to try out for various tasks.


I wrote the title as I was planning to talk a bit on my decision to join in a actually try and get most of a world event. I have almost completed Brewfest (I actually picked up a Wolpentiger when you had to complete the quest for it) and have the Noble title, but yesterday I got stuck into the current Lunar Festival one, mostly to grab the lantern (maybe deep down I am a pet collector???). So “Respect” for paying respects to the elders that we visit. I was a bit frustrated to see that there was one in Wintergrasp that you can’t get to unless your faction owns the zone. I did pick it up today so it wasn’t too hard, but I was thinking back to WotLK when on many servers one side or the other hardly wins the zone.

Of course these days, with no one playing it, one person can go around and knock over the zone unopposed.

The title inspired me to have a small whinge about LFD. I would probably include LFR but I’ve never used it as none of my toons are high enough iLevel.

I will readily admit that as a solo casual player LFD has been a huge change in my ability to get gear, get 5mans done etc etc, and it is a lot faster than sitting about in /5 LFG channel spamming Enh Shaman LFG for Mara etc for 30 mins. And I know a lot of the PvPers have since enjoyed better queue time from the cross realm stuff.

But I do miss the bumping into the same people as you level up, and getting to know the different guilds and people on your own server. I know others have spoken about it much similar vein. I don’t think we should go back though. Maybe a fix could be to sort groups so that each was primarily made up of your own server and only filled in the blanks.

Okay, enough deep thought. Mab has the lantern now. I still need to do Cata and Dungeons for the title. Might get that done this year….we’ll see.


Ain’t no time to play….

First up… 15 days isn’t really working for me. Some nights these days I don’t even make the computer at all…. can’t get past all the other people using them. Miss 4 has spent more time playing WoW than I have. And yes I know I skipped Day 8, but I’ll catch up to it. Just don’t have a screenie for it.

And unlike when I tried to quit, this time I’m just not really missing it. Maybe I’m getting bored with it? If I had time to play more seriously there is a lot I want to do. But I can’t even see much point in gearing Dasal up for Heroics (5man). That’s why I am levelling Mabango. So logged in this morning – no one else online – logged off. Meh.

Or maybe I’m just waiting for SW:TOR. That releases in a month. Think I’ll only be able to commit to one MMO.

In other news, went on a group ride out to Bowral. Was alright, but I don’t like riding when I feel pressured to go faster than my own pace. I think the bike is become my “me” time (urgh don’t like that cliche very much) so sharing the time isn’t really satisfactory as group rides are a lot of waiting about for people to come, to get ready to catch up etc etc. We’ll see how I feel after a solo ride as I’ll be riding to Canberra and back the week after next for work.

“Aint No Time To Play” by Guru.

How social is your Raiding Guild?

This is one of the posts that inspired me to write a blog again. How social is your guild? This is posted by one of the core raiders in the guild so I thought I might give the perspective of a very casual social member of the guild.

Bit of background – due to work, but mostly due to chasing two little girls around the house most evenings, I have never been able to spend the hours in front of a computer to commit to raiding. I managed it once, when my wife took our daughter to visit her family and I followed about a week later. That’s about it in approximately 5 years of playing! I love raiding but I can’t pull my weight at the moment so I don’t.

Ok, on to the question at hand – I don’t think we’re as “social” as we used to be. We’re still social, as Navi said, we have heaps of them, but guild chat is pretty quiet most days, people have stopped greeting people and small things like that. I don’t know most of the raiding team anymore – new people (and I mean new in the last 18months!!).

We did a couple of guild birthday events, we had bbqs (in RL!!) which seem to have dropped away as guildies have grown up, familied up etc.

We’re still a great group though. Even as a super casual player, I feel like part of the group – people help each other with mats, creating stuff etc. Advise – helpful or tongue in check is still given freely to all.

So How Social is my Raiding Guild – not as much as it was, but still pretty good 🙂