Telstra.. you almost sorted it

So on 2 July Telstra actually got it right. Well at least mostly. Almost 3 months to the day, they managed to line up a phone number they issued me and the physical connection to the house so that the Tech could actually connect the two and hence us.

I got home on Friday and set up the ADSL and…. we’re back on the Internet.

I also set up the switch so that all of the ports in the house are connected (there’s 13 and the modem/router is only 4 port). Initially this was troublesome as the default Switch IP was the same as the existing Modem/Router IP. It also forgot everything I set it up with when I unplugged it the first time. But eventually I had it on a different IP and the entire house was live with ethernet and wifi all connecting to each other and the internet

TVs asked for updates, phones could AirPlay to the Amp it was a wondrous weekend. I still need to go around and actually ID all of the ports, but I have enough leads to have them all connected at the same time.

I said Telstra almost got it right. Well in the throes of screwing it all up, they made up a new contract, without my consent and created a whole new account and email address for me. I’ve fixed the first one, and will have to live with the second. They also sent me a new modem.

They also decided that I wasn’t entitled to the Federal Service Guarantee fees as there was a “Extreme Weather Event” in my area. Its one of the ways they get out of paying this fine and after checking with the Ombudsman they may have something. Scum, but not a surprise.

But I have internet and so Mrs can watch her TV shows. And you know what they say about Happy Wives…..

Telstra… you idiots

I moved house 3 months ago. I realise that with a newly built house, that Telstra would need to come out to the house and actually connect the line, rather than just connecting some stuff remotely and perhaps come out and swap some connections around in the exchange.

So far they have managed to

  • give me the wrong date for the technician visit, twice,
  • give me the right date, a month further on
  • cancel that appointment, minutes before he’s due, when Mrs Mab has put off a bunch of stuff to wait for them.
  • organise a new date a couple of weeks away
  • change the new date without me agreeing to it and hence we weren’t home then.
  • organise another new date, a month further on.
  • connect the line and the house, only to find out the exchange isn’t set up correctly and there’s nothing the tech can do.
  • organise another date, YET ANOTHER month further on. Also restart the whole application so a new number can be assigned on the right part of the exchange.
  • we spend three weeks repeating the technicians problems to several staff as we ring around.
  • Call the Ombudsman. Highly recommend them, used them before and they really put the fire under the telcos.
  • get my fourth “case manager” repeat everything again.
  • technician returns today.
  • Oh, case manager is away today.


Can’t even try another provider because TELSTRA has to do the actual physical connections!