Prac Complete

Two weeks of prac are over and do I really have to go back to my real job on Monday?

Please, can I just stay and teach kids?

I was reading some of my older posts in the study category and I may not have mentioned that the degree I am studying in order to change career is to become a Primary (Elementary) School teacher.

My first prac is now done and I really had a great time. The class had its challenges. There were kids who had attitude, kids who had too much energy, kids who struggled with basic reading and maths. I helped out around the class and took some small groups for reading or writing. In the second week I took the whole class for some maths lessons.

By the end of the week, it was clear to me that I really enjoyed it. There was some tough moments, and it’s tough trying to control someone else’s class when they’ve had half a year to build a rapport.

Another thing that was clear was that I HAD ACTUALLY TAUGHT THEM SOMETHING! Even the students who struggled seem to have understood the maths that I had taught them. Very happy with that result.

The written assessments from the two assessors were very positive. Of course there are things to work on, but this is my first prac of four over the two years, I’m not expected to be perfect. Heck, all the teachers made it clear that every year their classes required different management, a different style because the kids are a different collection of personalities.

Do I HAVE to go back to work?

Prac Week 1

So the first week of my first practical placement ends tomorrow. I’ve been placed in a year 3 class. A whole class of interesting personalities! While due to whole school activities I haven’t actually seen much teaching in action I have certainly seen classroom management and behavioural management in action.

I am enjoying it which is the first hurdle over. I think I’m on the right track in my career change choice which is another plus. I can see a lot of work and a lot of love for not great pay. The school has a pretty good feeling about it. There are about 6 other prac students there, all in their last prac.

I’ve taken a group for some remediation maths which was hopefully somewhat successful but was sure hard work. I have to take 4 lessons next week which will be very eye opening I’m sure. It’s a lot easier to know what level to pitch at now that I’ve met the kids. But knowing the kids it’s also more of a challenge as I now know some of thier attention spans and capabilities.

Overall it’s been positive so far. Ask me next week after I’ve actually “taught” the class.