Fun With Apples

Ok, its nearly a year since my return to Apple Macs. I’ve had iPods for several years, and an iPad1 since their Australian release. Then in Jan last year I picked up this 27” iMac. I’ve recently got an iPhone and just the other day an Apple TV. It’s almost exponential in taking over my IT world! Hmm maybe something to worry about there.

I’m really enjoying the Apple TV. We don’t have a PS3 or xbox, internet TV or anything of the sort, so it’s given us that media hub connection into the iTunes store and my own iTunes library. I’ve even been able to watch videos from my iPad on our TV. Subsequently I’ve sped up my slow copying of all of our library of DVDs (about 400 discs) into my iTunes library. Not only will this let us stream our collection to the Apple TV, but will mean I can sync a selection onto the iPad whenever I travel. All good.

However I have a fair amount of Region 1 anime (AUS is Region 4) that I’ve got to figure out how to burn, as last time I tried the iMac spat the disc back at me, the inbuilt DVD Player software is region coded. So an alternative is required.

By way of experiment, I shared the Region 1 DVD drive in the Win7 box (I have two DVD drives in my PC, one for R1, one for R4, it was simpler than stuffing about with region free hacks and I had the drive sitting around not being used anyway) and am able to watch DVDs from the Windows PC, over the network, on my iMac without any region problems…. very cool.

And as a final success, now that the DVD on the iMac is empty for a moment, its worked fine with VLC & Handbrake on the iMac. Awesome, that mean’s I can get the whole lot into iTunes (and my iPad and Apple TV)

Got some ripping to do now!


Canberra, the Ban Hammer and iPhone (again)

I did ride to Canberra. Had a great ride down, mostly on the old Hume Hwy and the Highland Way. Dropped in on an old friend for dinner. Came back almost the same way. I really enjoy these rides, and I especially enjoy them solo. I think I’m about ready to give up on “social rides” I just don’t get as much out of them and I often feel pushed to go beyond my capabilities. That leads to accidents.

I got banned from a discussion forum today. It’s a Mac forum that is very snobbish about iDevices (iPhones, iPads, iPods) such that they abused people (including the moderators) until the subject was banned. I mistakenly posted shortly after that and the forum was shutdown. It was reopened and I was warned not to post on the subject again. I still think it’s ridiculous, but was being very careful.

Last night I struck this weird problem where iCal (on my Mac) wouldn’t let me make any appointments on 07 Oct 12. Any other appointments were ok, but not that day. So I posted a request for any help on the work forum. In the ideas for a solution I mentioned iPhone.

And got a warning, but seeing I was on a warning I was struck by the Ban-Hammer. So now I can’t use that forum at all. Pretty petty, but I reread the rules and it does say “any mention” so I broke the rules, no matter how snobby I think they are. My main wish is to stage a coup and take over moderationship of the forum, but that’s tricky when he doesn’t want to give it up and I’m banned!

Now for a laugh. I have described my silly iPhone saga. Well while I was away we got a parcel, but missed it and it was returned to the post office. Because we didn’t collect it (didn’t find the note for a while) it was returned to sender. I found this out at the post office today. They also told me that it was sent by Vodafone.

So the iPhone that I tried to order and subsequently cancelled was delivered about 2 weeks afterwards. Vodafone are really hopeless! Happy still to be with 3 (yes who are still vodafone) with no contracts. So when I eventually find a better deal, I can jump ship.