Into the Valley

WoWScrnShot_121613_111716Questing has moved from the Jade Forest into the Valley of the Four Winds. Seems to be full of farmers struggling to get ahead with all these vermin (and explains the crazy mutant kangaroo rabbit from the 5man into the Brewery) infesting their land.

But it didn’t stop with them – they also have to contend with wolves and eagles. 

WoWScrnShot_121713_194605So Mabaho has become something of a pest control expert. The questing is going well and hopefully if I can get on today or tonight I should make 88 as I only have a bar or so to go. I’m grateful for the xp boost that seems to have occurred – makes it much less of a grind, and I don’t feel like I’m missing the story either.

This must be the first sort of mixed faction zone as I’ve started to bump into Alliance toons questing as well. Caught a challenge once, but Mabaho doesn’t go in for that sort of thing.

Gear continues to upgrade, the quest rewards are upgrades from the last zone, so everything is being replaced again. But I guess that’s par for the course at this point.




WoW – Enter the Dungeon(s)

WoWScrnShot_121613_082623Questing continues – somehow I dinged 87 at the end of the other night and didn’t notice, so started the evening with a happy surprise. Caught a ride on another dragon to the top of Serpent Overlook. Had been trying to figure out how to get here the other night as I noticed a flightpath marker so I ran around the base looking for a way up, to no avail. I guess this is one way up 🙂

My arrival lead to a cutscene with Horde and Alliance charging at each other when the Serpent the Pandarians had been carving toppled over, letting this beast out.



And that’s where I left it last night. This morning I logged in, with the whole day free and no one else at home 🙂 I’ve been on holiday for almost 10 days and this is the first free day I’ve managed.

Anyway, I suddenly realised that I hadn’t attempted any of the dungeons – what a perfect opportunity to get into a couple of LFD runs. With the expac well underway I would expect to run with experienced players and their alts. Perfect for me.

LFD popped quite quickly and I found myself in The Jade Temple again. WoWScrnShot_121613_084340

Though everyone was a little angrier. The little girl was suddenly a confused priestess, the library was overrun with random things and the Jade Serpent had been replaced by the Sha of Doubt.

My first run went pretty smooth. I remembered to avoid purple spots on the ground, water gushing on the ground and spinning jets of water. So I didn’t die – I’d like to thank the rest of the party for that, lol.

Two runs through there and I picked a couple of upgrades, though most mail had int and spirit. Presuming things haven’t changed that much, I’m still looking at agility as a primary.

Next we ended up in Stormstout Brewery. This was amusing. we had Hozen’s partying.

WoWScrnShot_121613_091538But I did follow the wrong set of mobs and ended up locked out of the boss fight..

WoWScrnShot_121613_091508I had thought the tank was leading a bunch of Hozen down the stairs, I think they were just fleeing.

Then there was the insane kangaroo rabbit beast…



And last a was Beer Elemental. Alementals, lol. I expected to be drunk part way through this fight…

WoWScrnShot_121613_092453This had me floating about in a bubble – I’m not really sure why

WoWScrnShot_121613_092653I will say that having added Deadly Boss Mods the other week when I was trying to get my UI back up and running was a good idea 🙂





WoW – Meeting the Jade Serpent. Oh and that was a ….

WoWScrnShot_121413_220050A final delivery of Jade to make and it led me to this great Jade Serpent, being carved out of the hill. After I handed the jade out, I was invited to take a kite flight to the Temple of the Jade Serpent.

WoWScrnShot_121413_220158I did ask to speak to the Serpent herself, but this was initially denied while I completed a few tasks, such as squashing bookworms that were infesting some scrolls. It also included rounding up some colourful serpents.

WoWScrnShot_121413_221647Then the little girl led me into the temple and (well no surprise) transformed herself into the Jade Serpent.

WoWScrnShot_121413_222828She took me for a tour and described how the statue will soon be empowered as the next Jade Serpent.

WoWScrnShot_121413_222938This completed my tasks in the Temple and I followed my next quest line to a Pandarian village being overrun by Mogu. I few quests didn’t seem to turn the tide, when a different target wandered into the fracas.

I launched into the assault only to find out that I was not have the significant effect I expected (he wasn’t dead in 5 blows) and my health was actually reducing as well. I deployed my boys (the Spirit Wolves) and a couple of Totems and proceeded to stay out of the purple circles.

My first Pandarian achievement – A Worthy Opponent. Killing the wandering rare “Mogu Sorcerer”, see that’s why I thought he was just another mob… I was in the middle of a village  being overrun by Mogu.

No pictures, of course.

Until tomorrow.






WoW – Dusting off the totems.

WoWScrnShot_120813_153154Questing is underway. Roaming about in The Jade Forest. I’m finding most mobs pretty easy, and the xp gains seem reasonable. I’m not flying through the level, but the bar is filling steadily.

I haven’t been using totems in these single mobs. In fact I had to sit down and read all the tool tips for each command on my action bar again – partly to see what might have changed, but mostly as I couldn’t remember what was where and what the symbols were.

So the totems came out a couple of times, I really miss our ability to drop multiple at once (can’t even remember what it was called?).

WoWScrnShot_120913_194819Seeing some interesting stuff around the place – I guess its old news to most of you. I do understand I’m never going to see one zone as it has changed since the recent patch – the Isle or Valley or somewhere?


When I am on in sort of normal times guild chat is busy, but I have to admit, there are few names I remember. I know some are new, and some have had to change their names with the server change. I’m sure some were there before, but I just can’t remember properly. So terrible at remembering people’s names. But ask me what motorbike they ride…..

At the moment my playtime is disrupted and unusual as it always was. I am already on holidays so that might give me some extra time during the days. Once I’m into February I’ll be able to spend the evening playing during the week as I haven’t been able to since… well if ever.

Now I just have to try and find out when the new expansion comes out. Any know what the sort of timeline between an announcement and Blizzcon and the expac is? I’m guessing about September? MoP dropped on Sep 25. BC was January, Wrath was November and Cata was December. Pretty sure that once I get into it, I could level quite quickly so as long as it’s not March or something I should be okay.

Now I feel it.

Got several serious hours of MoP time since Friday. It’s been fascinating and I finally feel like this expac has started.

Carrying on from the other night, Mab cleared out some pesky Alliance and was greeted by one of the strange Pandarians who inhabit this continent.

New continent, new spirits and new races, Mab meets a Pandarian for the first time.

After helping out the local village, Mabaho moves deeper into the continent. Its a very beautiful place.

Serenity Falls.

His fellow Horde have some more silly ideas… no Safety regs here!

Mabaho’s father taught him not to fear anything, except when a Goblin says “Trust Me”!

I spent some time bonding with even more new allies, the Hozen.

A bunch of guys, some fireworks, what could go wrong….

Before learning more about these mysterious Pandarians (and some more about myself too)

Meeting the Lorewalker.

His people overthrew their oppressors. I’m sure we will have to deal with them eventually.

Not nice guys apparently. Though Garrosh might like them.

I’m enjoying the quests so far. Levelling seems super slow, especially after running Dasal and Mabango since I finished Mabaho. My gear is holding up ok, though it won’t be long before some of my purples will be replaced. I’m guessing those with top tier gear would hold it for more, but I have enough that mobs aren’t a threat.

Not sure how her holiness, can’t kill a fly, Dasal will go with levelling. Might have to try Shadow again for her to get through. I also noticed that the Goblin Rivet Clutchpop sells some serious gear if you haven’t gotten yourself kitted up prior. Cheap too.

The expac has breathed life back into guild chat and guild life abounds at all hours. That’s a nice change too, it was getting pretty lonely sometimes!


Report to Bladefist Bay!

My MoP CE box arrived today. Started off making up my Panda Monk. So say hello to Monghe.


Did a couple of quests before Miss 5 wanted to play pandas, so she spent some time making aklsjdfuif and aoij;dfnrubcn on another server (not their real names, but close…. people are going to think they’re gold farmers!)


The kids are in bed and I think one of them is actually asleep so I started Mab off to Pandaria. So far I’ve followed a couple of Org quests and dropped into a battle in Pandaria. I miss our Call of the Elements, oh I had forgotten how annoying it was in Vanilla and BC to drop totems one at a time.

Green Light… go go go….

Miss 3 is being cranky tonight, so I’ve had to log out until I can get her to stay in bed. Still I have a whole weekend ahead of me 🙂

MoP Begins … well sorta

I want to write some pun about mops, buckets and cleaning, but can’t think of a good one.   The expac is finally here. I’ve arrived back from my USA trip, with almost a week still of holidays to go.  I’ve updated my add-ons, updated my Mac and downloaded the last patches for WoW. I have my internet back this very afternoon as well. Sounds perfect. I’m good to go for some solid MoP exploration.

Except my copy hasn’t turned up yet. 

Ah hum… it’ll probably be more than a week before it does arrive. So what to do….

Well one of things I wanted to try was the Scenario, Theramore’s Fall.

But Mab doesn’t seem to qualify. I did think it was iLevel, but if it’s 353 as I read somewhere, then Mab has 370 so should be fine. Anyone the LFG tool won’t let him queue. EDIT: Seems they turned the run up to lvl 90 with the MoP official release.

So that’s out.

Can’t level Mab or Dasal, need the expac.

Can’t start a Panda, need the expac.

Could keep working on Mabango… that’s not a bad idea.

Until Tacky suggested Pet Battles.

Wandered over to the trainer (who trains*) and got started. Also bumped into Cymre and must get started on many of her posts that I purposefully ignored, so as not to spoil the expac. But at least I can read about pet battles.

Was a bit lost at first until the first green paw showed up on my minimap. I was well into it soon after. After about 15 mins, I have raised a few pet levels, won a few, caught a few new pets. Been interesting.

I can see you needing to really raise a whole range of pets with their strengths and weaknesses. Then swapping your three slots depending upon the pets in your current zone. For example, near water you are likely to meet aquatic pets, so have 3 slots of flyers probably won’t help, but those same three will devastate cats.

So I guess I will become a pet expert over the coming days.

Mab has a new pet (left side) Rabid Nut something 5000. Also shows the green paws to look for that designate combat pets.

*a reference to the recent Pink Panther movie, Yuri the Trainer who Trains becomes a suspect in the investigation.

Shared Topic – MoP Beta

The few people who do follow my blog deserve a post. I’m actually writing a lot of posts at the moment, but due to an Non Disclosure Agreement, I can’t post them yet. So shared topics give me a great chance to keep posting that I can publish. Otherwise it’d be Mabango is still in the inn at Dal, Mabaho and the rest are hanging out in Org. Not really worth reading. Anyway, this week Frinka has suggested a topic for Blog Azeroth.

Are you playing the MoP Beta? Why or why not? How much time are you spending there vs. the “live” servers.

Oh definitely not. I don’t want to spoil the surprise! I’m happy to roll up to the new zones on the opening night (or a night or two later) and view it all for the first time. I still remember the first time I ran up the road from Mulgore into The Barrens to explore. Its on of the strongest memories I have of WoW. That would be in about June 2005. Oh, the Barren explore ended with my level 5 or so getting wasted by the first thing I came across and I scooted back to Mulgore to keep questing.

Similarly I remember when Mabaho finally levelled enough to enter The Dark Portal. I’ve posted screenshots of that before. I can’t remember as well the WotLK and Cata but it was similar. That’s the exploring feeling I like.

So I’m not spending any time in the Beta. I don’t have a key and made no effort to get one.

It’s also hard as some of my favourite blogs post stuff on it occasionally. Bubbles of Mischief I almost avoid entirely (sorry Cymre!) as she puts a massive amount of effort into giving us all great info on the new stuff. I plan to read it as I go along later. If you are interested in it, she’s has an awesome amount of stuff.

As for live server, due to another Beta (with the NDA), I’m not logging in much anyway. But I’ll be back in September.

Mists Announced

SEPTEMBER 25 has been announced as the release date for the expansion. I’m sure you’ve read it elsewhere. I’ve preordered a Collectors Edition. I like the mouse pad and am really interested in the artwork, much more than previous expansions. I think Miss 5 who was totally amazed by the MoP video will like it too.

And with about two months to go its time for a PrePandaPrep catch up and checking my goals.


Finished the zones, but not Molten Front. I have to say it was getting a bit repetitive and I was enjoying Mabango’s questing more. And he didn’t get anymore purples, but I think he should be fine for the new zones.


Got Tailoring and Enchanting a lot further but have run into a problem of lack of mats for the mid range BC level items. Even the AH is pretty bare. No more purples but I didn’t try. Heroic healing was tough and again, I kinda did concentrate on Mabango’s levelling.


76. That’s not too far to go. However I’ve only got until the end of August as I will be away for most of September and unable to play (unless they release an iPad version of WoW before then!) And I have another distraction at the moment too.

So I only have achieved a few of my goals already, but I have moved closer on most of them. And to have Mabango so high already has really surprised me. I do still have two months, so lets see – stranger things have happened.

Hammering the Fjord

Has been hard to get a chance to play, so been a while since I’ve put in an update. Mabango has progressed up to 71 and is still bashing away in the Howling Fjords at the moment. Though as I said last time I think that needs to change.

Mabango was given a frosty greeting by one local village

Mobs are going down really easy.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

I did try to head up to Grizzly Hills and checked out a quest hub, but the quests are all grey for her. Mabango is too low for the Hills. There’s no point in grinding mobs up there without the big chunks of xp from the quests. However, I will need to check out Dragonblight as it’s really the next done, not Grizzly Hills. I think the problem has been that I have levelled faster than the quests, hence I haven’t got a “quest that takes me to the next  zone” yet.

I’ve also managed a few LFD runs. Building up those JPs already, so when Mabango gets to 85 should have some half decent gear for her.

Several runs through Utgarde Keep. 
Also got to run through The Nexus.

As for MoP. Discussions at work reckon its about 3 months away. That’s about mid October to mid November I guess. The countdown is starting soon!