Red things go boom!

I’ve signed up for a couple of missions from the “Military” agent. And I’ve got out there and blown up a bunch of filthy pirate scum harassing the solid good folks mining the asteroids. It hasn’t been hard, I think you’re meant to be quite overpowered in order to allow for some mistakes (like turning off your weapons for half the fight, not that I’ve done that…)

So success has brought reward and they’ve been quick so some cash bonuses as well. I scored a new ship, a Thrasher. It’s a bit funny looking (no really compared to the bitsa I was flying???)


But it is significantly more powerful (faster, better armed, stronger) than the older one.

The learning curve continues and I’m going to have to sit down and read the control settings as I’m sure I’m doing it the hard way. I mean my process for selecting, locking, and then chasing and shooting the targets. At the moment it’s a lot of mouse all over the screen and right clicking. I’m sure I can get it set up better, especially with the dozen+ keys on my Naga mouse. So that will be the project for the next few missions. I have about 6 more in this group of missions to stuff about in.

Oh, and must remember to get snap happy again….

Space is quiet

At least the part where I am at the moment. Not a lot of conversation going on in the local chat screens.


I’ve worked through the tutorials again now. And I think it might even be the first time I’ve gotten all the way through them as I ended up in a different system this time. Now I can choose from some other missions that will teach me the basics of the main career choices in Eve, Military, Industrial, Exploration and Mining.

I’m actually looking to PvP eventually so I’ll follow the military path and see how things go.

I’ve also applied to a Corporation run by some guys at work. Hopefully I’ll find some people out there to talk to, so space isn’t so quiet 🙂

Choking on Electronic Dust

I’ve dusted off a seven year old toon in order to find something to play on this gorgeous iMac screen. Pretty obviously from the screenshot, it’s not WoW, the toon is in Eve.


I had a couple of goes at Eve over the past few years, but never subscribed. The main reason for not spending time in the game is that I didn’t really have time to learn it, with RL and WoW as well. As you know, WoW is not about anymore.

Looking about for something to play I discovered that (several years ago) they released a Mac client for Eve. So I’ve downloaded it and it looks pretty great on the 27″ screen. So I’ve logged in to find lots has changed… I think… Having played for a total of about 2 hours in that seven years, my memories are pretty hopeless. However I don’t remember seeing a toon, only ships. You can now get out of your ship and stand in your “office” but I can’t see any use to that. Decoration I think.

Anyway I found a couple of ships in my hanger, a lot of skills to train and almost no inventory. I can’t seem to get the tutorials reset so I’ll have to chat to the pros at work to get some tips.

I have managed to get out of the station and fly about a bit. No autopilot or warping, and no shooting yet. I think I have to find some missions or a corp to join up with to get things moving. I did find out how the screenshots work (and where they get stored on the Mac), so I can document my progress.

I’ve heard Eve is pretty unforgiving, so I will have to keep my wits about me.


I just received an invite to buy a founders pack for MechWarrior Tactics, the RTS game being developed alongside MWO. I am feeling a little “once bitten, twice shy”, though actually if I add SWTOR it’s more like twice bitten.

MWO, I’ve spent a bit, with the founders pack and the pc upgrades. And I haven’t felt any interest in playing it for some time, several months now. I’ve spoken to colleagues who are still playing and by all accounts it has gotten worse.

To me the game was at its peak just before they removed knockdowns. From that patch onwards the developers have steadily added complexity without balance and have introduced bugs ands instabilities into parts of the game that were working fine. Even bugs that should have been obvious from even a small amount of play testing (the screw up with missile damage when Artemis was introduced for example) before making it on the Beta servers…. one assumes they have their own internal test servers….. assumes…

ECM, by all accounts is really messing with the game. It didn’t have to be, but they’ve made it a must have for everyone, limiting your mech choices if you want to have any real chance of doing well in a match. There is no reliable way for large mechs to combat small mechs without knockdowns (in tabletop you could even fall if you turned whilst running, now you won’t fall if a mech charges into you). They are having a lot of problems with lag and rubber banding (I remember my duel with a light I think I discussed in another post).

The other concern is that some of the “news” on the website suggests that with the timeline they are running it’s about 3-4 months before we have the full Clan invasion. They haven’t even started the metagame part of MWO and they’re about to introduce a whole heap more to this game! That’s surprising a few I’ve been talking to.

The overall feeling is that they are not balancing the game properly, and spending too much time introducing new hardware, without fixing existing game and balance issues. Adding more mechs, when people really want more maps (bigger ones!) and more game types (and the metagame).

So that’s MWO… now I have this invite for the MWT founders. Same deal, instant access to beta, with varying amount of bonuses depending upon your spend. MWT is being published by the same company but it seems to be developed by someone different from MWO.

Honestly, I’m not really positive about it. Anyone else have any thoughts on the games?

A finished game???

Oh, even with all my game playing history, last night I did something that is pretty rare… I actually completed a game! I finished The Walking Dead. I’m still of the opinion that its an interesting game and good to play through. There’s a season 2 coming eventually… and that’ll be high on my shopping list in the future.

But actually getting the whole way through a game is pretty rare for me. In the dozens (its not that high a number even) that I’ve played, I wonder if I could list all the ones I’ve completed…..

  • Wolfenstein 3D – one of the very early FPS, that was so fun, do you know you can get it for the iPhone now. I used to have a separate boot choice in order to get enough RAM to play it!
  • F-19 Stealth Fighter (Microprose) – The sneaky man’s flight simulator.
  • MechWarrior 2, 3 and 4 (and expacs etc)
  • MechCommander 1 (can’t remember if I did finish 2)
  • Tenchu Stealth Assassins (but not 2) – loved the stealthy secret side, 2 had very tricky bosses. Haven’t really found a game that comes close, but love to hear suggestions
  • Colin Mcrae Rally 1 & 2 – before bikes, I loved Rally cars (still do)
  • Tomb Raider (but haven’t finished the rest ever) – bought out of curiousity many years ago and probably my favourite franchise after Battletech
  • Trine
  • Ghost Recon 1 (and Island Storm and Desert Siege) – my favourite FPS, loved playing this co-op. I have started GR2 and recently picked up the latest one, Future Soldier
  • Duke Nukem (Time to Kill)
  • Call of Duty 4
  • The Walking Dead

Now that’s not a long list to cover over 20+ years of gaming, and there’s a bunch of years before that I can’t remember as its too far back (anything before about year 11 I don’t remember) but I don’t think I finished much.

Anyone else have such a small list of completed games? Some people do that many in a few months! What might have happened without 5 years of WoW in there??

Still Walking

I’m partway through Episode 3 now, just got a train running.


I am starting to run into a few places where the dialog has seemed a little off. Some of the time its because they have to be a little generic. Lets say there are three conversation choices, but none change they story, they’re the information conversations where you chat to an NPC until you’ve drained his knowledge.  So if there’s three choices then the finish has to fit, kinda, with however the player finishes.

But that’s a small point.

Another is that some of the conversations I really wouldn’t have said. Take this one between Carley and yourself (Lee). She been pretty smart and level headed throughout so far. And supportive of you…200px-Carley

Cheryl, while discussing whether Lee should reveal his background to the group:”Our group is small”


Lee: “You’re small”

Sorry, where did that come from? And how can that not be insulting? It’s like the pop song recently … “don’t take this the wrong way. girl you look better with the lights off”…. is there a right way to take that?

In a conversation you only get a choice about every fifth line, so sometimes you can be left thinking that isn’t really what I would have said if I was really in this conversation. Again, you’re hit by the limits of the rpg.

However these really are small niggles on a pretty polished game. Oh that’s the other thing I giggled at… so far I haven’t had any red herrings… (SPOILER ALERT). Clem is doing a pencil rubbing of a leaf to pass the time. Later, Lee has to figure out how to read the words written on a pad, when the page has been torn off.

See, everything is important, otherwise why include it.

Remember that next time you’re watching a mystery movie or reading a mystery book…..

Who’s for dinner.

Walking with the Dead

Steam Sales, aren’t they almost the most evil thing on the planet???

I recently read a few reviews of The Walking Dead game.. I had looked into it before, but was mostly turn off by needing to wait for the other episodes. They’re all out now and the game was on sale in Steam. The final draw card, it’s Mac compatible. Here take my money 🙂

the-walking-dead-game-bannerI’m not usually a fan of RPGs on the computer, I either find myself lost in the open world wondering what I should be doing or frustrated at the restrictions the game has placed on me. TWD isn’t exactly an RPG though more of a storybook with options (like the old Chose Your Own Adventure or Final Fantasy books), and sells itself partly on the premise that your decisions affect the game.

Let’s look at that for a moment, I can’t think of a single game where that isn’t the case, seriously, even Pong has consequences to your decisions. They might be simple cut and dried obvious ones, but they are there. Is the difference that these consequences might not be obvious and may not come into play until a while later…. Well no, plenty of games are like that, think of Starcraft, your decision not to pursue a tech tree might make it difficult to fight off your opponents later. So I’m putting it down as sales hype.

So skipping the sales talk, I’m enjoying the game. It’s not rivetting, but is an interesting distraction. I do find the controls a little a hard, not because there are a lot, but because it sometimes hard to figure which is going to used in the next bit of the game – and when those zombies grab you or some guy is punching your face, you need to quickly click the right part of the screen. It would be fine if the scroll wheel on my Naga was accepted, but it’s not so I have to use the touch mouse for that, but then it’s slow across the screen making it hard for the time critical clicks so I find myself having to switch mice all the time…. ok maybe this is a problem of my own making!


The game does have some twists and turns and there are definite points where you basically have to choose between two people – one will live, one won’t. Saves only occur at the end of each chapter (There are several in each of the 5 episodes) so be mindful if you have to quit suddenly.


You do bump into people that are in the series as well. I’ve met the asian guy and the old man vet as well so far, but you aren’t playing in that story. You exist in the same world, as one of the other groups of survivors.

I’ve completed the first 2 episodes so far. Interestingly, at the end of each chapter they show the percentages of what choices people have made on some of the big decisions that occurred in that episode. So you can see that 54% of people chose X, which may or may not be the same as you etc.

Like I said, an interesting diversion, a good game to have played through.