Getting a handle on the study

Week 3 of the study now. I’m slowing getting into a process. I’m still behind, the last two short weeks (I get no study done in the weekend) really hurt.

But I’m starting to catch up.

I’ve found the long drive to Sydney might be a good time to listen to the lectures. Now I just need to catch up this weeks ones, so I can listen in advance over the weekend, getting into week 4 up to speed.

I need to figure out a way to do some at work though, perhaps I can study in my car for a hour or so over lunch?

I’ve started research for the first assignments. I realise I really have to finish a first draft this week for one essay as it’s due next week. That’s going to be a real test of this whole study idea.

The units are interesting, though the Australian History, being more of a classical history unit is very tough for me. The other is currently moving from how the Earth was created to Life began and about Evolution is more filling in and reminding me of things I have studied and read before, more of a light science overview.


Old School

Ha, there is one thing I need to post. It’s my eldest birthday soon and one of the things on her list is a Nintendo 3DS. Not too keen on that idea, She already uses the PS1, the Wii, and the PC. And a PS3 when I move back to Sydney. I don’t think another game machine is right just now.

So I dug about in my box of stuff and pulled out my old Gameboy Colour with Red Pokemon and Pokemon Pinball. Pinball got some action for a while.

But then as I dug through the box I decided it was time for a real lesson in history. Stashed away was something that is really showing my age.

Picked up some batteries from the shops and when we got home I broke out some other Nintendo products. You can see them in this picture.

History Time
History Time

Anyone know what they are? One is orange coloured, one white and I have another dark brown.* Early ancestors of the very 3DS that the eldest wanted for her birthday.

Let me tell you they were a hit. Way more interest in them than in the GB Colour.

*The original Nintendo Game & Watch Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong II and Oil Panic.