Heroic Struggles.

My PrePandaPrep is going ok. Mabango has picked up a couple of levels. Mabaho has finished Vash and the Highlands and I’ve been running FL dailies for a week or so to get back into there. Dasal has levelled about 2/3 of her tailoring, but I have to farm some last bits of Runecloth before I can jump into Netherweave.

Mab also picked up an random epic off a mob which suited Dasal well. She’s got about 5 purples now.

The one area that isn’t going well is Dasal healing heroics. I’m really struggling for healing power when Holy and to try and get my head around the rotations (such as they are) in Disc. At this stage I’m planning to run a bunch of normals again, and earn JP that way until my gear is better. That way I can run Holy instead of trying to figure out Disc.

I guess part of it has to be the skill/gear of the others running too. If the tank is only just making the cut (and lets be honest, the over geared people are all in DS 5mans now) then that amplifies my problems.

I’ve said it before, but here’s more evidence of it, I really struggle when trying to switch a toon between specs rather than playing a different toon. It’s like Mab running Ele spec or worse, Resto (shudder). Maybe my brain is too old and inflexible?

More Heroic action

Had a little time to spare so I queued for a random again. This time it was Lost City. Figured it would probably be ok. I was just introducing myself to the group when the tank announced that he wanted to try for some achieves.

Umm, 3rd time in heroic heals, one terribad and one average. Aren’t achieves for the over geared, bored achieve junkies?

I suggested that you might have a go, but not really expect much out of me.

The first few mobs and first boss went well. Only a few nervous moments, but no achieve attempting either.

First achieve to attempt was the Acrocolypse, kill 20 crocs in 10 secs… which means holding the tank up whilst we wait for 20 crocs to spawn, who are all pounding on said tank.



Right on to the next one… Kill it with fire… again something stays alive whilst it wails on the tank and I have to keep them all alive.

We wiped once. Second round saw all the DPS die with the boss at 50%. Judicious use of Binding Heal kept both the tank and Dasal alive to finish the job. I was arm pumped stoked after this! Probably my best save as heals so far.


I was getting worried here, I was starting to get a reputation here that I may have to live up to shortly.

Last boss, had to kill … well I’m not quite sure what it was as the description changed a couple of times in the telling. Two attempts and we did down the boss on the second run, after the DPS had died keeping the aspects up (or down??) and I died just as the tank finished the job.

So a busy little activity feed shot for you. Silly thing to note is that the blue drops listed aren’t necessarily useful (one’s plate for example)

So it’s back to being challenging not impossible as I start to progress into Heroics. Stand by for more crazy adventures 🙂