I’ll tell you what awaits me….

Corps drama, that’s what.

Ok, as I said in … oh, no I didn’t end up posting that entry.  So I better back up a bit.

I think mid week, there was some drama in the senior leadership in the Corp. I’ve ha a two line explanation that didn’t really explain anything so I’m not going to comment on the reasons but it has resulted in a break up of the Corp with a fair chunk of the players restarting a new corp.

I hadn’t made any decision on what I was going to do, whether to stay with the old Corp or join the new one.

And tonight, I really don’t need to think about it as the old Corp has removed me from their ranks. So an attitude like that, to someone who hasn’t been involved is pretty average, and I’m not interested in pursuing the matter with them.

So it’s Friday night and I want to play in 8 mans… but I can’t get onto either TS server. This really sucks. Not involved in the drama at all and the best night of the week to play is going to waste….

Oh it looks like I’ve picked up a random group on US Beta server, see how it goes I guess.