I don’t have a thing to wear

Ok, Mab done the work and the girls get their new dresses. Here’s Dasal Modelling her two for you.

Dasal in the Elegant Dress (the Pink Princess one) with a Red Linen Shirt.
Lovely Red Dress.

Miss 4 has been placated again, but she will have to wait until Noble Garden festival before Pink Princess can properly return.

Where’s my Rep!

While trying to figure out the best way to get these dresses for Miss 4, I sent Dasal on a flightpath from Warsong Hold up to the Ebon Blade site. I headed AFK to sort some RL things out and eventually came back.

A bit of background is that apart from about a level or so of questing at 70 and 80 in the starting areas for each (Borean Tundra and Mt Hyjal respectively) Dasal has spent her entire time levelling inside 5mans using LFG. It does mean that she has very blank map and very little rep with anyone.

So I return to my computer to find her half dead as the DKs at Ebon Hold have been smashing her since she landed. Only her high level has saved me from a ghost run.

The lesson for the day kids is – don’t forget your alts might not have the same rep as your mains. (and I have no plans to get Dasal rep with any WotLK factions!)

I have picked up a lovely black number for Mabango though.

Mabango wearing Lovely Black Dress

The Wrong Dress

Some time ago (maybe a couple of years) whilst Mabango was still just a bank toon, I picked up a pink dress for her. Since then Miss 4 (back when she was Miss 2) has known her as Pink Princess.

An example of the dress - not Mabango

Several months back, Miss 4 went through  phase of going through my alts bags (so glad she never learnt about the bank!) and destroyed everything she could. It was a while before I noticed as she did it to all except Dasal and Mabaho. Turns out that one of the things destroyed was this pink dress. Then, the other day she wanted Mabango to wear it again. Not in her bags, so where did it come from?

I knew it came from one of the World Events, and the Valentine’s one has just started, so I researched dresses and found I need to farm the Lucky Charms, to create Bracelets in order to buy stuff. This included a Dress Box. Sounds like the item.

I started, slowly, getting together the charms, thinking the whole time that this seems much more difficult than Mabango would have done the first time. I didn’t remember Mabango fighting anyone (Mabango was probably about level 2 until about 4 months ago) ever.

Turns out I was chasing the wrong dress. The pink dress was from Noble Garden. I’m halfway there with tokens so I’ll keep going and then Mabango can try something like this on.

Lovely Black Dress - Not Dasal

Might get one for Dasal too? Not sure how she will go trying to earn the charms though. Dasal has almost never killed a single mob in 85 levels. I wonder if the dresses or boxes are BoE. Maybe another toon can farm the stuff for them.


Update – Found an Elegant Dress in Dasal’s bank, so they’re not all gone. Farming for tokens is far easier on Mabaho than Mabango and Dasal. So Mab will do the heavy work and give the girls their dresses.

Dead Ends

When I decided to level Mabango through the new areas, I started over in the Tauren starter area for two reasons. I wanted to see how much it had changed and I didn’t feel like levelling in the Blood Elf zones as I find that quite a bore.

Mostly it all seems to run smoothly together. the quests in the starter area lead you eventually out into greater Mulgore and around. However I never came across a quest that lead you out of there, so I stumbled up the new roadway (through the Grimtotem battle) to find (eventually) some more quests about my level.

I’m sure that has happened since, though I can’t think where. It has just happened again in Tanaris. I had been happily instructed to head from quest hub to quest hub, until that just stopped. Without any idea of any remaining quest hubs, I simply headed off to the next zone, Un’goro. Now I have to hunt about the zone looking for a quest hub to start at.

I suppose I could go and try the Chieftain’s notice board back at Org.

The new quests have provided some entertaining rides to try out for various tasks.


I’ve barely sat in front of the computers this week. One of the main causes has been engrossed in the fantastic series Game of Thrones. Highly recommend it to anyone… but warning, lots of nudity and violence.

Also, while my WoW toons have been logged on a lot, it hasn’t been me driving them. My eldest has been playing around with them. Its usually ok, unless I come back to the odd missing item. That doesn’t happen much these days, she just moves the buttons about sometimes.

Mabango has had a couple of runs, SM:Arm and SM:GY. Really struggling to tie my own casting and manage my pet at the same time in a run actually. I’m either busy with one or the other and can’t seem to get in there and smash things. I think some macros would help.

I know 15 days of screenshots is supposed to be over 15 days, but I really haven’t sat here much without the rest of the household asking me to do stuff on the computer for them!!

Mabango’s trip to BFD

Ran Dasal and Mab through HH, no mount 😦  Something I have noted is that I often top the DPS in this fight. Its a (almost) stationery fight against a single opponent, something the Enhancement Shaman manages well. However my iLevel isn’t that high, so I can only assume that I’m running with a lot of alts.

Mabango hit up LFG today and ran BFD. Was a mess to start with as we got seperated by the jumping across the platform at the beginning so it took a while to settle into the run. By the end I think I ran the 5man with about 10-12 toons!! Cleared it and got a couple of pickups which was nice.

Immediately requeued and got Stockades. In the old days you had to fight your way through SW to dive into the entrance. I distinctly remember Mab running it solo and just getting into the instance as my health rapidly disappeared.

Anyway, they’ve changed it as the prison has been taken over by elementals and those pig guys (but no Duke Nukem). Currently its also decorated with Pumpkin’s etc for Halloween.

Mabango is already 26. Levelling is vastly quicker than it used to be. Even without the Ancestral gear I’m sure it’s faster. And as I said before… a lot more fun.

Well, That’s a Change

Yes, so with nothing to talk about he’s focussing on the weather 🙂

Monday… hot, 35+ bushfire in Blue Mountains

Tuesday…. wet, um maybe 22?

I guess it still is spring.

I’m running both Mab and Das through HH to try and get the mount. I doubt I will, I’m not normally that lucky.

Though I did have a Hyacinth Macaw drop and got my Green Proto drake after only about 10 eggs.

Where to for my Toons?

Okay, so Dasal dings 85 yesterday morning. That was almost an event in itself. I was was LFG healing Vortex Pinnacle with a tank who insisted on running ahead and pulling stuff. My mana management isn’t great at the best of times and when I spend the whole fight trying to catch up its even worse.

After a couple of mobs I hit 85, and the tank continued on his merry way. This time the first boss. If a party member is outside the circling tornados they take heavy lightning damage. Myself and other party members weren’t even in the same room when he pulled. I figured that I’ve hit 85, I’ve got better things to do than try to save the tank and now the whole party, when he isn’t going to change his ways. I left. Feel sorry for the others, but not the tank.

So where now for Dasal. Not high enough ilevel to let her in Heroics, so I’ll have to grind normals until I save enough Justice Points to buy more gear. If I want to keep playing.

I have raised my new Warlock, Mabango up to 23 so far. I might continue with her at least for now. It’s also interesting levelling in the areas that have changed so much since Cataclysm. The Barrens is same but not. Certainly easier, and a lot more efficient. And interesting too. I especially like the protect the caravan quests.

Mabaho hardly gets a run these days. I can’t get many Valour Points as I don’t raid, and I have all the Justice gear I can. Maybe with the release of the next patch I will be able to buy the newer gear then. I’ve almost forgotten how to play him, I struggled with the HH fight to remember rotations… oh dear.

Maybe I am getting ready to jump ship to SWTOR when it arrives?