Ain’t no time to play….

First up… 15 days isn’t really working for me. Some nights these days I don’t even make the computer at all…. can’t get past all the other people using them. Miss 4 has spent more time playing WoW than I have. And yes I know I skipped Day 8, but I’ll catch up to it. Just don’t have a screenie for it.

And unlike when I tried to quit, this time I’m just not really missing it. Maybe I’m getting bored with it? If I had time to play more seriously there is a lot I want to do. But I can’t even see much point in gearing Dasal up for Heroics (5man). That’s why I am levelling Mabango. So logged in this morning – no one else online – logged off. Meh.

Or maybe I’m just waiting for SW:TOR. That releases in a month. Think I’ll only be able to commit to one MMO.

In other news, went on a group ride out to Bowral. Was alright, but I don’t like riding when I feel pressured to go faster than my own pace. I think the bike is become my “me” time (urgh don’t like that cliche very much) so sharing the time isn’t really satisfactory as group rides are a lot of waiting about for people to come, to get ready to catch up etc etc. We’ll see how I feel after a solo ride as I’ll be riding to Canberra and back the week after next for work.

“Aint No Time To Play” by Guru.


Briars at Bowral

A PortraitSo, time for another ride. Another start at work with the crowd. I’ve missed a few rides, but many of the usual suspects were in attendance. Again a wide range of folks, brought together by our shared love of bikes, rides and service to our nation. A wide range of folks means a wide range of bikes – the learners, the trailies, several cruisers, a couple of sports, and of course the sports tourers (me). 14 in all, so a big turnout.
We hit the road almost directly south from Penrith towards Campbelltown. A wind through some back roads bought us to a gear shop that the guy organising had checked out. Some good gear at cheap prices. If I had known we were going shopping I would have brought my topbox and more cash. I will be back as I’m in the market for a new jacket. Here’s a shot of the carpark….

A classic GSXR750
A classic GSXR750
We rolled on southwest from there, heading up through Camden towards Picton. A couple of wrong turns (though nice roads) led us astray for a while. It was revealed at the sign that read “No Through Road”
Oops, Dead End
Oops, Dead End


But we eventually hit Picton, we thought to stop for lunch or at least a coffee, but the front runners had other ideas. A hungry mob of riders followed along.
Mighty ZZR250 roll by
Mighty ZZR250 roll by


We left Picton and eventually hit the Hume. There aren’t a lot of options here unless you head far south, so a few kilometres of flat top ensued. Never the most fun and the learners with 80kmph limits and little 250s weren’t impressed. We left the freeway at Mittagong and followed the old Hume through to Bowral. About the time I was about to head somewhere to eat on my own and damn the rest the front end of the mob turned into the carpark.
Briars Hotel & Pub, Bowral
Briars Hotel & Pub, Bowral


Briar’s Hotel – LUNCH. a starving mob descended upon the hapless bistro. They ran out of cutlery, there were missing table numbers and it was a madhouse.

Actually the place was pretty busy before we arrived. The food was nice but a little expensive that your usual pub bistro. They did let us line all our bikes up out the front and one of the waitresses even came out to take our picture (I’ll add that one when I get it off my mate’s camera)

Some of our bunch
Some of our bunch
Out the front were a couple of the Bash cars. These cars join big convoys of similarly extraordinary cars raising money for the outback.
Thunderbird 2
Thunderbird 2
Thunderbird 4

Parked outside the pub
Parked outside the pub
After lunch we headed home, following much the same route. Until Picton. Here we took a road directly north that I hadn’t used before that lead us up towards Warrigamba. The party spilt and I headed with the group heading home. This lead me onto a couple more stretches of excellent roads so it wasn’t like our fun had immediately finished.

With the long days here now rides can stretch past dinner time in good light. But with Mrs probably run off her feet by our two little princesses I figured I had probably better head home to relieve her 🙂 And stay in the good books of course so she lets me out again 🙂

(Almost) a day at the Races

I needed to complete some photo work for my course, and the final round of the Australian Superbikes was about 10 mins from my house, so bright and early on Sunday I headed for the track.

Sunrise over the last turn at EC
Sunrise over the last turn at Eastern Creek Raceway

I was about halfway there when I realised exactly how bright and how early it was…. about 0630. I started to wonder if the track would even be unlocked when I got there. As it was I did get in, about the same time that the first mechanics arrived to start work.

The bike parking (at 0700, racing starts at about 1100)
The bike parking (at 0700, racing starts at about 1100)
As you can see it was a bit of a ghost town.

Even though it’s Australia’s premier category they have open pits, so included in the entry is the ability to hang about in the pits all day. And as I was about the only spectator and the only photographer about at the time, most of the garages were really friendly and let me get up close and personal with the bikes. A fascinating range of machines and budgets were on display.

Team Yamaha
Team Yamaha
Team Yamaha

Some Ducati's sharing a garage with a BMW
Some Ducati’s sharing a garage with a BMW


Ducati 1098 (or 1198 I suppose)
Ducati 1098 (or 1198 I suppose)
Rolling out for the last free practice

I hung around until the start of the final practice, but then had to leave to get home before the Mrs left for work. I sure hope the crowds picked up a little!


I’ve barely sat in front of the computers this week. One of the main causes has been engrossed in the fantastic series Game of Thrones. Highly recommend it to anyone… but warning, lots of nudity and violence.

Also, while my WoW toons have been logged on a lot, it hasn’t been me driving them. My eldest has been playing around with them. Its usually ok, unless I come back to the odd missing item. That doesn’t happen much these days, she just moves the buttons about sometimes.

Mabango has had a couple of runs, SM:Arm and SM:GY. Really struggling to tie my own casting and manage my pet at the same time in a run actually. I’m either busy with one or the other and can’t seem to get in there and smash things. I think some macros would help.

I know 15 days of screenshots is supposed to be over 15 days, but I really haven’t sat here much without the rest of the household asking me to do stuff on the computer for them!!

Mabango’s trip to BFD

Ran Dasal and Mab through HH, no mount 😦  Something I have noted is that I often top the DPS in this fight. Its a (almost) stationery fight against a single opponent, something the Enhancement Shaman manages well. However my iLevel isn’t that high, so I can only assume that I’m running with a lot of alts.

Mabango hit up LFG today and ran BFD. Was a mess to start with as we got seperated by the jumping across the platform at the beginning so it took a while to settle into the run. By the end I think I ran the 5man with about 10-12 toons!! Cleared it and got a couple of pickups which was nice.

Immediately requeued and got Stockades. In the old days you had to fight your way through SW to dive into the entrance. I distinctly remember Mab running it solo and just getting into the instance as my health rapidly disappeared.

Anyway, they’ve changed it as the prison has been taken over by elementals and those pig guys (but no Duke Nukem). Currently its also decorated with Pumpkin’s etc for Halloween.

Mabango is already 26. Levelling is vastly quicker than it used to be. Even without the Ancestral gear I’m sure it’s faster. And as I said before… a lot more fun.

Report Card Time

Photo practiceThis week I took my VFR in for a major service. I’ve been after a “second opinion” for a while. It’s not that I’m not happy with the place I normally take it, but I’ve never heard anything good about the place, though no one can give me specifics.

A mate offered to pick me up and drop me off so I booked her into a smaller workshop that has a very high reputation. The bike has 116,000km on it and it has been a fair while (time wise) since it’s last major service.

Late afternoon the shop called. I don’t know about others, but I always get a little nervous when the shop calls in, you never know what they will say. Though normally if its late afternoon, its all done with nothing to report.

So it was with a little concern that I answered. The shop guy asked what I’ve been doing to maintain it. I was honest and told him that I do little more than lube the chain and check the tyre pressures. I am totally lost mechanically so I just make sure that it’s clean and serviced regularly. He replied, well keep doing what your doing as your bike is fantastic shape considering its age. I was very happy with that comment.

He said it had been in need of a tune (as expected), the pads will be due about the next service or a little before but otherwise all good.

I got to the shop and was taken aback at how the guys couldn’t stop raving about its condition. They said there is often a little trepidation when test riding a bike with this amount of kms on it as you never really know what shape its really in. Apparently the main mechanic got back from the test ride and told the boss he should have a ride.

If that’s not an endorsement of my bike I don’t know what is. I have to say I am still chuffed at such glowing praise of my bike and even the way I’ve been looking after it.

Now hopefully after a long period of ride absence (apart from the commute) I’ll be able to report again in a fortnight or so following a ride. My wife’s been filling in for some broken staff at work the past weekends, so it’s been a month or more of chasing the kids about instead of riding. I’m in two minds whether to join a short city fund raising ride or to go for a solo proper one. I’m starting to think the second.

15 Days of Screenshots 5 – Title

Which title am I most proud of. Well Mab doesn’t really have many. He has Patient, Noble, and Jenkins. Explorer too I think, none of which are tough to get, but my favourite is Grunt. It’s an old PvP title from vanilla, that can’t be had anymore. They disappeared when BC was released (or thereabouts). It wasn’t hard to get and I think was only 1 up from the bottom. Pumatay has Scout which I think was the lowest rank.

But I like it as its old, its rare these days and you can’t get it anymore.