Addendum – oops

Big oops – Miss 4 isn’t anymore

Cake Time!!

She’s Miss 5 as of recently.



Ok, no news for a while, been away for a couple of days only to get back home pretty sick though I was already a little sick before I left, and find two pretty sick little ones as well. So don’t feel like playing much. The three of us have been laying about the house in various states of sleep/awake since.

Here’s a shot of my bike while I was travelling.

That white stuff isn’t dew it’s a solid layer of ICE. My trip away was a bit “brisk” or “invigorating”.

A Proud Dad :)

This morning, Miss 4 was awarded an “Achievement Award” at her school assembly. The detail reads “For taking pride in her bookwork.” Sadly neither Mum or Dad were aware this was coming so we weren’t there to see it. We only found out at home time, when Mum collected Miss 4.

So six? weeks at school (and its only kindergarten) and she has been class leader, won 3 green cards (kinda like achievement points, when she gets 10 she gets a bronze certificate) and now this.

I’m pretty proud of my little miss 🙂

School Starts

Well today was a big day in our house. Our eldest has just finished her first day at school. Happy to say that she enjoyed it and asked if she could go back tomorrow. I think that would be okay by us.

With the other in childcare for the day, Mrs and I managed a bit of a date day with a movie and a lunch. Watched Underworld Awakenings which we both enjoyed (both of us are fans of the series). They did set it up nicely for a sequel, a bit like the Resident Evil series has been doing.

And then real life came back and it was going about picking up kids etc….