USA Holiday Day 4

Day 4 proved that no matter how long you know someone they can always surprise you. Originally we had planned to go to the Universal theme park, but Disney and the heat had left us a bit more tired than expected.

So we decided that something a little smaller would suit. The Kennedy Space Center for most of the day, then a break and catch the fireworks at Disney. We could do Universal after that.

Ok geographically the space center might not be smaller, but the tourist part has a lot less options than Disney. We only did the basic package, but still got to see several launch sites (from a distance) and visit the Saturn V rocket (if you aren’t sure, it the one that launched the Apollo moon missions). I was interested and some of the multimedia was great, like the “live” Apollo launch with footage was cool.

The surprise was that Mrs, who had little interest at the start was fascinated by the end. You just never know.

The kids basically ignored everything except when there were stairs – then they wanted to go up.

And down.

And up!




Holiday USA Day 3

Day 3, DISNEY.

The kids who had been excited about meeting Mickey Mouse since before we left actually weren’t that excited when the actual day came. They wanted to stay at the hotel and use the pool!

Until we got there.

Initially it was a bit of a photo feat as we met our hosts (Mickey and Minnie) and several Princesses to get photos. Rapunzel liked Miss 2’s shoes (they have flashy lights in them) and Miss 2 asked to see Rapunzel’s shoes in return. And then all the princesses were required (by Miss 2) to pull up their hems to show their shoes too.


Then we got into Fantasyland and it was about It’s a Small World and rides for a while. We bumped into Pooh and Tigger and they have al,ost the best queue with all these interactive things for the kids to play with in the queue. But this was outdone by the waiting area for Dumbo, an inside a/c playground, with those buzzer you get at some resturants when you order your meal to call you into your queue for the ride. The irony is that Mrs decided to sit this ride out and was outside in the heat waiting for us, lol.

We finished up meeting Tiana, from the Princess and the Frog. Miss 5 was wearing a Tiana dress all day, but we’ve never seen the movie. By this time, about 6 they had had enough and so we headed home.


But what about

Something I’ve noticed recently is that for some reason Mulan isn’t on any of the Disney Princess stuff. I noticed as my two have been watching Mulan and Mulan 2 in the non stop way kids have. And it’s hard to find stuff for them.

The simple and obvious answer is that Mulan isn’t a Princess, so doesn’t fit. She might save China and the Emperor, but her fiancé is a General’s son. Feel a bit sorry for Mulan actually.

Pocahontas is in the same boat of not being a princess.

Meanwhile Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Jasmine, Ariel, Belle and now Tiana and Rapunzel get to be on everything.

And Tinkerbell…. But she’s not a princess, she’s a fairy.

Holiday USA Day 1 & 2

It turns out you guys were having a long weekend, so that meant sales! Mrs credit card went into Super Meltdown mode over the past few days and I think we’ll need our own plane to get home now so we can fit all of our purchases, lol.

The weather has been very like a Sydney summer, though not quite as warm so we’ve a
So been enjoying the pool at the hotel.

We’re heading to sleep tonight and in the morning it’s time to go visit Mickey Mouse. I think we’ll only manage two Disney parks, one Universal and hopefully the Space Center. But we had no idea just how many theme parks there are here and it seems like they each have a water park too! You could spend a month here.

I’ll get some photos into this tomorrow. After Disney 🙂

Off Topic – The Mechanic?

Sorry, this is totally off WoW as a topic and even outside Bikes and Babes as well! For about two weeks now, my wife’s car has had a stuffed indicator. It’s just been awkward to get down to the mechanic to get it fixed.

So fix it yourself says the reader…. This is the kind of garage I run you see, something smooth, professional….

Casey Stoners (MotoGP) pit crew at work.

Well, no, my skills are virtually non existent in the mechanical arena. Oh I can change tyres, wipers, fill oil, water or windscreen cleaner and that kind of stuff. I can do a few more things on my bike, adjust suspension, idle, chain… But anything more and the chances of me actually figuring it out or needing a lot more repair afterwards grow quickly the more I unbolt, open, unscrew, unlatch etc. My strengths lie more in the realm of fixing code or computers not cars.

This is probably more true to life for my garage!

I suddenly realised two things. First, I can probably get the bulb for a few dollars and YouTube has probably got a video of someone doing it. YouTube was first and that was moderately successful, enough to give me hope. I picked the bulb up for a total of $1.50 a couple of days ago.

So last night sees me head under the car for an attempt at doing this. After a few referrals to the to that book that real men aren’t allowed to read (the car’s manual), I found myself spending a good 30mins trying to pry off the indicator bulb cover.

That’s with my head in the front wheel arch, with the wheel lying on the garage floor, my arm up a hole in the arch and wound up through the front of the car with my fingers just reaching the cover’s handle. All kinds of metal and plastic creaking or digging into my arm.

And eventually it did come off and I swapped the bulb. I then spent about ten more minutes trying to put it back the @#%&$@ back on.

Ok, test time….. I hit the hazard button (as this will use the lights and I don’t need the car keys etc)….


and then more …. nothing… Ah well, I guess it wasn’t the bulb (it actually looked fine too), maybe a fuse or something. So much for me fixing it.

I started opening more stuff, the bonnet (hood for you US), checking the fuse diagrams etc, mindful of previous attempts at this kind of thing, you know, the more unscrewed, unbolted etc…

Then I remembered the bulb holder and that the contacts were very small. Maybe it had not been closed correctly. I turned on the hazards and rotated the cover until I got a flash out of the indicator!

OMG I fixed the car!

And it’s working fine the next day…

Even better I didn’t have any pieces left over when I put it back together, you know that’s always a good sign.


Ok, no news for a while, been away for a couple of days only to get back home pretty sick though I was already a little sick before I left, and find two pretty sick little ones as well. So don’t feel like playing much. The three of us have been laying about the house in various states of sleep/awake since.

Here’s a shot of my bike while I was travelling.

That white stuff isn’t dew it’s a solid layer of ICE. My trip away was a bit “brisk” or “invigorating”.

A Proud Dad :)

This morning, Miss 4 was awarded an “Achievement Award” at her school assembly. The detail reads “For taking pride in her bookwork.” Sadly neither Mum or Dad were aware this was coming so we weren’t there to see it. We only found out at home time, when Mum collected Miss 4.

So six? weeks at school (and its only kindergarten) and she has been class leader, won 3 green cards (kinda like achievement points, when she gets 10 she gets a bronze certificate) and now this.

I’m pretty proud of my little miss 🙂

School Starts

Well today was a big day in our house. Our eldest has just finished her first day at school. Happy to say that she enjoyed it and asked if she could go back tomorrow. I think that would be okay by us.

With the other in childcare for the day, Mrs and I managed a bit of a date day with a movie and a lunch. Watched Underworld Awakenings which we both enjoyed (both of us are fans of the series). They did set it up nicely for a sequel, a bit like the Resident Evil series has been doing.

And then real life came back and it was going about picking up kids etc….