D&D – Saltmarsh – Onboard the Smugglers.

I’m writing this about a month after, so I will probably be a little light on the details.

The party spent a couple of nights waiting for the ship, before almost at dawn it appeared. There was some initial confusion but the signals were sent and the party boarded the longboat and paddled out to the ship. They approached head on, and were recognised very quickly.

Storming the ship the battle raged across the main deck, with the party chasing enemy up onto the various parts. The tabaxi tried to “dance around” their enemy, but only slightly distracted him, so the fight was fairly even. The deck wizard got off a couple of good shots.

An angry man charged from one of the cabins proclaiming he wouldn’t have this on ‘his’ ship. But even the captain was no match of the party.

The Sea Ghost. (an epic conversion I found on Reaper minis message board)

The party relaxed a little as they cleaned off the main deck but the barbarian was still raging so he charged down one set of stairs into a cabin.

Without coming across anyone.

The ship was searched, and it turned out that the crew had perished in the fight upstairs. They found a large quantity of stores, with no indication if this was regular or smuggled goods.

As they finally finished up clearing the ship, they came across a cabin with 3 very wary lizard folk inside. I have to admit I did expect them to charge in, weapons swinging. It was lizard folk after all. They attempted to communicate.

Warily the lizard folk accepted that any fighting was between the sailors and the party not with the lizard folk. This did calm them down somewhat, but in broken common, they asked who was going to finish their deal now that the smugglers were dead.

Apparently there are some weapons on board, being smuggled for the lizard folk. Alarmingly, the lizard folk were based only 10 miles along the coast from Saltmarsh…. Is an attack coming against Saltmarsh?

The ship was searched again.

And again.

After some time, a secret compartment was discovered. Inside, about 30 weapons, brand new, but plain, were being kept. The lizard folk’s goods.

In a compartment next to it, they found a rather miserable sea elf. He had been scouting the ship, trying to figure out what the smugglers were doing, when he was struck from behind and woke up in this cell.

Eventually, the party and lizard folk agreed that the party would head back to Saltmarsh and deliver the news and the goods to the town. Then they would ship the goods and the lizard folk home.

The goods were sold (some may have made their way into the secret compartments for later sale) and the ship was given to the party as reward. But the proviso was that they took the Lizardfolk home, with their weapons and found out what was happening.

Using some of their loot and cash, their hired on a crew, including a cook. The lizard folk were back aboard and the ship ready to leave.

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