D&D – Smugglers

And it was time to restart the adventure in Saltmarsh as well….

Our party spent the evening interrogating their prisoner, eventually finding out that a businessman in Saltmarsh who worked with the smugglers had sent him to observe and interfere with the party’s investigation. And if needed, to stop it.

To Ned it was quickly evident from the party’s loose chatter that he was too late to prevent the party interfering, so his task changed to stopping the party.

And evidently, this was a little too much to ask of Ned, hence the current situation. 

The party decided to stay the night, keeping a vigil for the smugglers boat (Ned let them know that one was due on the current new moon). No ship showed and this antagonised the party until they realised that a new moon isn’t just one night, and it is the sea, so there could easily be delays.

They knocked out Ned, slung him over the back of the Tortle and headed into town. 

As they passed through town there were quite a few curious looks. A particular set of people were noticed to see the party, confer and then quickly disappear into the crowd. Meek, the urchin druid Halfling set out to follow them, but it turned out they had some local advantage and he lost them as they climbed over the fences of some rather well to do house. After watching for a while, Reek headed back to rejoin the party.

Meanwhile the party arrived at the council chambers and were ushered into the office of the councilman who tasked them. He was both happy and dismayed that his hunch was correct. He was also very interested in hearing what Ned might reveal about the businessman involved. He sent Ned away with his man to keep him safe. Being that his man is the leader of another hidden faction trying to disrupt the smugglers for their own needs, he’s pretty stoked the party bought this guy back.

The councilman asks the party to remain in his employ, return to the house and try to catch the smuggler’s ship. He agrees on a reward, agrees to provide supplies so the party can remain at the house, and the party can have any spoils, including the ship. With several of the party having sailor backgrounds, some happy grins were exchanged.

With that, the party head out into the town to sell some of the items they had collected. The most memorable was a bidding war in a local miners pub for some illustrated erotic books. They headed back to the mansion as it grew dark, settling in to rest and watch for the ship.

Author: Mabaho

I'm a married dad who likes to ride my motorbike and if I ever find the time, to play computer games. This blog started out as just WoW, but has moved onto a whole lot of different things.

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