MotoGP trip – more planning.

I like to plan. It’s part of how my brain works and something I do in my profession a lot. So even though it is still months away and may not happen at all (COVID) I am still doing planning for the MotoGP.

But I tell myself that it’s also planning for the practice runs I am also planning…. It’s a vicious cycle, lol.

Look if the Indian Cricket Team can come down, the Australian Tennis Open can be held, why not the MotoGP. Besides, we’ll all be immunised then anyway. So I’m planning. Easier to turn things off, than back on.

I have my route figured out. I have my planned fuel stops and also alternates (if I run low, or still have plenty left at my planned stop). Strangely, even with nearly 100km more range in the tank, I’m refuelling in about the same place as the Daytona trip. Sometimes, its about having enough fuel for long legs, but also about stopping and having a break anyway. Some are tradition, like the BP at Marulan. I always stop there….

So what else is being considered. Well I sorted out what would be about 90% of my gear for the trip and tried packing it all on the bike. That went pretty well, and it should fit nicely in my topbox and US30. Initially I can pack the backpack in the topbox, but if needed, I can strap outside, onto the US30 too. Experimented with different packing cubes. Realised, it might be easier if there was a single big bag in the top box, which I can just lift out. Put the packing cubes into this bag. I have something I can use as a inner bag for the top box to fill that role.

I am wondering how I will go when things are wet. Things like setting up the tent in the rain (and taking it down). Storing the tent so it doesn’t wet everything else, or can I get it a chance to dry in between. Even if it doesn’t rain, there will still be dew. All my thinking is about wet weather – I’ve lived and travelled in the area over several years, so I know what the weather tends to be like. Hot weather will just see me being a bit warm in my touring jacket. And making sure I have enough water.

If its a nice day, I can strap some stuff to the outside of the bike and let it dry in the sun and wind. But if it’s not…

Food wise, I still plan on just eating out. Have some snacks and a cold breakfast with me. I don’t drink coffee or tea, so nothing required to be heated at camp.

Then there’s things like how do I empty my GoPro SD card when it’s full. I’m not taking a laptop. When do I charge this stuff? I’m now planning to camp at powered sites if available. But do they just have a normal powerpoint? I assume so. That makes charging easy. If not, will I have enough to at least charge my phone and my helmet BT system, Scalarider (I think the answer is yes).

Then, just before departure I’ll look at the weather predications and add or subtract clothing before leaving. But it’s very changeable down that way no matter what the forecast a week before says.

And then some test runs…. I wonder if there’s space at work to camp out for a night?

Author: Mabaho

I'm a married dad who likes to ride my motorbike and if I ever find the time, to play computer games. This blog started out as just WoW, but has moved onto a whole lot of different things.

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