MotoGP – Route Planning

I’m probably procrastinating, and also a bit presumptuous, especially when we can’t be sure that the MotoGP will even get to Australia this year. But I’ve been route planning for my ride to the MotoGP this October. Probably the fact I just purchased my camping gear is part of the motivation.

It has been a bit of a revelation, when I release myself from dropping in on family or family friends (how many more options open up for route and places to stay. Being able to go about 100km further on a tank (Ninja compared to the Daytona) will mean I can be a little more relaxed about where to get fuel. And, of course, camping opens up options as well.

I decided to plan on about 6 hours of riding per day. With breaks and fuel stops etc, that’s probably getting closer to 7-8 hours a day. I think that’s probably a comfortable pace for me. With camping an option now, I can conceivably decide to go a little further (or less) on a day. October is low/shoulder season, so I would expect that most parks would have a powered or unpowered site available for drop ins.

This time I thought about roads I wanted to travel. So things to tick off.

  • Kangaroo Valley (it would be nice to go up this)
  • Princes Highway, south along the coast
  • Black Spur
  • Alpine Way (upwards)
  • Whitfield to Mansfield
  • That piece south of Lake Eildon that drove me crazy last time.
  • The road up from Merimbula to Cooma, that was fun in the car even.

It did take me several attempts, because I kept trying to wind my route back to people I could stay with. So I tried a different approach. I put together a long list of various places and times between them. Then I could just plug them together in different ways and see what happened. I will bring with this with me and if I want to make changes I already have the details.

And a plan has come together. I’ve gone from a rough idea of maybe camping one night, to camping probably 3 nights. I have planned to stay in a hotel/motel when I am in Melbourne. This gives me somewhere I can rest, relax, recover. It also means I can store my gear (or spread out and dry/air) safely while I’m at the race.

  • Day One – Leave Sydney, down the freeway a little, then veer off and down Kangaroo Valley. Once on the coast, follow the Princes Highway down to Marulan. Camp here at the same park we stayed as the family.
  • Day Two – From Merimbula, up across the mountains to Cooma. Then north to Adaminby and across the Snowy’s down to Colac Colac. This won’t be over the Alpine Way, but one of the alternatives.
  • Day Three – Colac Colac to Omeo, then over the Alps to Sale and eventually about Dandenong. I’ll stay in a hotel/motel here for the two nights.
  • Day 3a – If I leave a day earlier, I can spend a day in Melbourne, or have a rest day, or go to practice/qualifying
  • Day Four – Race day.
  • Day Five – Head north for Healesville and the Black Spur. Out the other side and up to Eildon. From Eildon I’ll head to Mansfield around the south and east of Lake Eildon and defeat the demon I faced last trip. From there I will probably head back to Colac Colac for the night. Alternatively Wodonga.
  • Day Six – Over the Snowy Mountains along the Alpine Way. And then on to Canberra.
  • Day Seven – Home. Probably by my favourite route over the back through to Tarago and Marulan, then freeway home. I suppose I could go down to the coast, then up Kangaroo Valley…. hmm…

About 5 or 6 hours per day. The longest planned is 8 and I’m a little worried about that. Though the next day is short (only 5 hours) so I might stop earlier and even them out. Or I might be travelling really well and be ahead. See, now I’m flexible….

Author: Mabaho

I'm a married dad who likes to ride my motorbike and if I ever find the time, to play computer games. This blog started out as just WoW, but has moved onto a whole lot of different things.

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