D&D – Aid to the Bronze

So the weekend was a double header for me. DM’ing the Saltmarsh on Friday evening and then DM’ing the Sleeping Dragon on the Sunday Morning.

Oh, rubbish, I’ve missed at least one session here as well. I’ll use the fact that time is wibbly-wobbley, timey-whimey stuff to sort that out. And the fact that I can have the post schedule for whenever I like, even the past…..

The party was recovering in Leilon when a they got a note. Their old party member. Baraxas, a paladin of Bahamut, had sent word that there was a old Bronze dragon that might be able to help supposedly in a shrine not too far away. It had not been seen for some time, so some were convinced it might be dead, but Baraxas thought it be worth checking out anyway.

The party hired a small boat (as the shrine was apparently easily spotted and accessed from the water) and headed up the coast.

Here they found a large shrine carved into the cliff, depicting a dragon roaring. A small stone jetty lead to some stairs and up into the cave.

They landed and snuck up the stairs. The lead, a ranger, spotted a tripwire at the top, which the party avoided. Inside, they surprised several cultists (in this case benign cultists who provided support to the Bronze dragon and tended its shrine, not your usual evil, rip your beating heart from your body cultists).

Initially it was at a tipping point, with combat imminent. However, some quick words (and persuasion and history checks) lessened the tensions and soon the group was being shown around and invited to visit Lhammas…….. something. Dragon names are tongue twisters for sure. I just called her Llama for short.

They were cautioned that Llama was not well, acting very strangely and may be violent.

Up in the dragon’s chambers several members immediately felt uncomfortable with a distracting buzzing filling their heads. One became very confused.

The dragon met them with confusion and distrust, suspecting them to be foes. Some quick words and a Calm Emotions spell had a positive effect, but it was soon clear that the dragon was confused to the point of dangerous. The party retreated downstairs.

Downstairs they spent some time discovering that this had happened fairly recently. A helpful ghost they came across also suspected that the dragon was suffering some external influence. The party set out to search the rest of the dragon’s home and also prowled around outside in case anything seemed out of place.

They had no luck, so discussions ensued. As they settled down for the night, they began to suspect the barnacles growing around the window in the dragon’s chamber might be related. It seemed the barnacles were unusually far from the ocean below. (That was the end of the previous session, have I missed 2 reports?)

The next morning, two important things occurred. Baraxas rejoined the party. He had been released by his church to return to the party and support them with the dragon. This would also provide confirmation to the church that the dragon was still alive. In reality, a new player joined the group and decided they didn’t want to waste time rolling up a new character, happy to take up the reins of Baraxas. Big bonus for the party as they have their tank back. And in this case, they are Dragonborn – who better to talk to a dragon?

Who better to talk to Llama. The party headed back to the dragons room, Baraxas almost overwhelmed by the rank odour of evil coming from the direction of the barnacles. But before they could explain to the increasingly agitated dragon, Baraxas was thrown into a confused state, so much for that advantage. However, a timely cast Calm Emotions and the party was able to convince the dragon to move downstairs while they dealt with the whatever evil remained.

The second important thing was that the wizard was able to recall a demon known as an Alkitih, which usually took the form of moss or fungus, around doors or windows. These were known to send beings mad unless destroyed.

As the spell started to wear off the dragon, the group charged back upstairs.

Without the additional support of the crazed dragon, the demon proved a fairly simple kill for the group. As soon as it died, a loud thump was heard from downstairs.

Back downstairs they found Llama slumped to the floor, alive but probably unconscious.

After a nervous wait by the party and the dragons helpers, she slowing regained her senses and was clearly recovering quickly from the effects of the demon’s madness. The cultists were very happy.

Llama took them into the chamber and they received a vision from Bahamut. In it a terrible green dragon was attaching Leilon. Llama recognised it as… another difficult dragon name, who I called Claude, an old green that lives nearby, but keeps to herself to avoid the wrath of the Cities of the Sword Coast.

They received some rewards, and I put them all up to level 9. Now they have returned to Leilon. After letting the town know what they had found out, they set off for the green.

As they moved through the hills towards the forrest where the green lived, they were confronted by several zombies lumbering along (who then lumbered towards them) being chased by two women.

The party engaged and the session ended with the zombies destroyed and the party about to talk to the 2 women….

Then the session closed and we’ll start again sometime in mid-January.

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