D&D – Deep in the Cellars

I am pretty safe writing here, even as DM, as I am 90% sure that none of my players realise that I have a blog let alone read it.

This party’s new player, who was absent last week, joined us today. He’s an experienced player and DM so fits right in with the group. He enjoys his role playing too which also suits the group. He also likes to use ball bearings for all sorts of useful and interesting things. One of his favourites is to cast Light onto one and roll it into dark places. Loving it. Additionally, his Mrs also plays, but doesn’t enjoy online so isn’t joining in. Though she did put our discord stream up on their TV and enjoyed her “podcast” by all accounts. That’s now two spouses who “secretly” use our games as their D&D podcast. That they seem to enjoy them hopefully speaks well of our games (and my DMing of course).

Anyway, to the game…

The Saltmarsh party opened the secret door to find a barracks. Here 3 smugglers, warned by an alarm they had set, were ready and waiting. Remembering that this is a first level party, the fight was not so one sided as I am used to. We discovered that one of our fighters was wearing leather armour (the player was absent) as a “lifestyle choice”. Made her AC terrible and she dropped hit points pretty quickly. The tabaxi took a couple of good hits as well, and spent a turn unconscious. After the battle, a discovered corpse gave up a set of plate armour for the fighter.

But the party worked well together, clearing out these bandits.

After the fight, they decided to open the barred door with the word DANGER scrawled across it. Here they fought through 6 regular Skeltons and another that was throwing acid at them. But by the time that they finished them off, most of the party were seriously hurt, spell slots used up etc.

They discovered another secret room which appeared to be a laboratory. A search uncovered what turned out to be a Bag of Holding. The ball bearings were used again here to test the bag (see another use for them).

The party has decided to take a long rest here, barring the secret door, they should remain hidden from the smugglers still around.

They haven’t yet discovered the rest of the smugglers den behind yet another secret door. The smugglers, aware there are some intruders are going to have a look around but won’t find the secret laboratory. They will discover that someone has cleared out the skeletons for them, and of course, killed three of the smugglers as well. In the morning as the party awakes, they will find places that they think are clear are not. I haven’t yet decided if they will surprise the smugglers or the other way around…

Author: Mabaho

I'm a married dad who likes to ride my motorbike and if I ever find the time, to play computer games. This blog started out as just WoW, but has moved onto a whole lot of different things.

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