The pillion end.

Oh the other bike thing over the weekend was some minor improvements. Along with the OEM tail tidy that I sorted a short while back, there has always been two other things bothering me about the bike (not counting the Canberra Motorcycle Centre stickers). The first, that it was missing the tool kit, and specifically the tool for adjusting the preload. That arrived (just that tool, I was hardly going to spend good money on crappy OEM screw drivers etc) with the tail tidy the other month.

The other part was that the fairing piece around the pillion seat was broken. Not very obvious, but all the tabs that helped hold it together on one side were snapped off. I ordered that the other week and it was in stock, so arrived within a couple of days. I fitted this over the weekend, being VERY careful to fit the tabs together. It does fit together nicely now. This bike is now more OEM than when I got it, lol.

The last step is the tool kit. I have my most frequently used tools in a nice Kriega tool roll that I picked up at some point. Only problem has always been that this tool roll didn’t fit in the space under the pillion seat. As I was pondering this again during the fairing fitting, I had a brainstorm. Or at least, something to try.

I have a old MacPac pouch, something you would loop onto your belt or the waist strap of a pack. I’ve had this pouch for about 30 years and its had various roles in that time. However, for the last few it’s been sitting in a trunk where I keep losing it when I want to use it and finding it months later when I don’t. The same thing had just happened. I found it again about a month ago, and now I couldn’t find it.

At least at first. This time, with only the month or so since I last found it, I had a better idea which “obvious” place I had stashed it.

I managed to get all of the tools from the tool roll including my tyre repair kit into this pouch. It fits snuggly into the space under the pillion seat. with the tools in there I can sort most of the bike out.

30 year old pouch comes into service again.

So now the tools are with me all the time, and when travelling, are not taking up packing space. Usually, it will just be a case of lift the pillion seat and get the tools. If I have the Kriega bags as well, simply lift them off first, then the seat. And while the rubber strap included in the space won’t fit around the tool kit, this snug fit won’t be going anywhere.

I am going to see if there is a pillion seat replacement cowl available, that might have more space and look nice. However I wouldn’t use that if the Kriega bags are on the bike because I prefer to strap the bags onto the cushion and not scratch any fairing, it’s something I did with the Daytona. This is when I would be travelling and when I would be thinking about more tools anyway) so it might be pointless. Still I will enquire.

So now there’s just that Canberra Motorcycle sticker on the front mudguard.

Author: Mabaho

I'm a married dad who likes to ride my motorbike and if I ever find the time, to play computer games. This blog started out as just WoW, but has moved onto a whole lot of different things.

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