DnD – Fighting the Sahuagin

Fish people… or shark people or something was attacking a village near Leilon. The Council asked our intrepid party to investigate and save the village. Just the job for them, so they grabbed their kit and headed up the road.

There, they found the village of Leilon Point all locked up. Carcasses, burnt fields and closed shutters all pointed to there being trouble. The head man let them in and told them what they knew. A few days ago, the village had been attacked and it had been several times since. The fish people who did it have taken over a cave system down by the beach.

“Say no more” and the party headed for the beach and the cave.

Entering the cave, the first thing that they saw was a set of heads on spears, with some bodies lying in the cave further back. As they crept in to investigate they also spied a cavern to their left with a group of these fish people milling about.

As the ranger approached the bodies there was crack of thunder, with the ranger and a couple of others taking some damage. It also alerted the sahuagin in the next cave, who started to come closer to investigate.

The party charged in…. well mostly the monk really. The paladin and the rest joined in, but the monk was I the thick of it…. and this would bring him to the brink very quickly.

Against 5 Blademasters, 4 warriors and a priestess, this was one of the toughest fights the party has seen so far. The Blademasters, in full plate, were as hard to hit as the party’s paladin and with 3 attacks, did similar damage. The warriors proved to be easy kills, when the party could get to them. And the priestess managed to get off a few spells before the party’s casters fired back.

The fight saw a couple of fireball spells go off, dropping the warriors but the Blademasters were made of sterner stuff. The monk also found that charging into the middle of group, to end up with attackers on three sides, who hit often and hard, was quickly bringing him close to death.

The party is catching its breath, but has no idea what is coming next. They found this fight hard, though a couple of them made good points.
“We’re level 8 now, we should expect some tough enemies”
“Yes, the sahuagin are tough fighters.”

I let the players know after the fight, Sahuagin also gain advantage whenever their opponents are injured. They smell the blood and go into a frenzy.

So the first cavern is clear, but there is more to come. Sleeping Dragons has begun.

Author: Mabaho

I'm a married dad who likes to ride my motorbike and if I ever find the time, to play computer games. This blog started out as just WoW, but has moved onto a whole lot of different things.

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