DnD – No more wrath?

The party continues to sweep all before it…

Well pretty much.

They beat off the manticores, but had a little more trouble with the Invisible Stalker. It wasn’t until one of them splashed water that the others could see it. After that, it dropped pretty quick.

There’s an invisible stalker in this picture too, you just have to know where to look 😉

With a shape water spell, they calmed the water ahead of them and rowed to shore (I skipped the giant crabs that were supposed to attack). Arriving at the beach, a couple quickly spotted the alarm wire strung across the beach. So their first action was to send out mage hand to tug/pull/tap the wires.

Nothing visible happened, so they relaxed. Of course, inside the cave the cultists readied themselves to defend. There would be no unhappy banter for the players to eavesdrop on.

The group spent a little while trying to decide what to do with the wires, before just walking across the beach for the cave entrance.

The first area they found had a very sickly warrior and his guard. The paladin and the cleric managed to convince the warrior that they could help him and in exchange, the warrior would let not attack them. He was a cultist, but not a devout one, and the illness was making him consider his life choices.

The group determined that it was actually a curse, but that the priest would need to rest until the next day to be able to remove it. In exchange a wary peace settled into the room as the party settled in for the night as the warrior and his wary bodyguards watched on. The party retreated into Leomund’s Tiny Hut for the night.

Image blatantly swiped from here

In the morning they cured the warrior. He accused the cult leader and described how to find her in the caves. He then took his men and left.

The party kind of shrugged at this point and headed off to face the local leader of the cult.

Here they faced Gadrille, a half elf evoker and her two frost hounds (think hell hounds, only about cold). There were a few interesting moments. At one point Gadrille fireballed the party, doing some serious damage. The blast caught one of her frost hounds, but that was of little concern to her.

Though the party did suffer some damage, once they had beaten the frost hounds and could concentrate on the evoker, it was over pretty fast.

Now the party has basically finished Storm Lords Wrath. They are still in the caves at the moment, and have just caught the sounds of some furious and worried whispers around the corner….

The remaining low level cultists are around the corner arguing about checking on the sounds. They are terrified of Gadrille so are not keen to disturb whatever she is doing. They would likely attack the party if they see them. There is also a trio of hags in another chamber. I was planning to keep the party away from them, in the interests of time, but I’m not sure now. Could be a fun RP. Or a challenging fight, 3 hags in their lair….

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