DnD – Man the boats

There was a bit of technical hiccup in our previous session, seeing anyone who used Telstra as their internet provider disconnected just as the game started. That included me. So the session was off.

Two weeks later we resumed. In the meantime, we had also gained a new player and the party gained a half-orc gloom stalker ranger who stumbled into the aftermath of the brutal fight in the Wayside Inn wondering who had made all the mess.

With a map found in the Inn, the party realised that there was a main base of the cultists in a place called Thunder Cliffs. Our new ranger, familiar with the area, told them they would need a boat to access the caves, several days sail south of Leilon. So back to town.

After a couple of days, the council reported that they had found two captains willing to take the mission. The players interviewed the captains, and decided up the swift ship of Captain Stands in Tar (a tabaxi) over the slightly suspicious (but much more sober) Dragonborn captain.

And they set off. But the few days of transit were not boring. Stands in Tar had a catch up with another passing ship who warned them of a ‘ghost ship’. Ominious portents….. (and fairly obvious ones).

They headed off a mutiny lead by the first mate. Convincing her that this could all be sorted after the party finishes their mission. And are off the ship and don’t need to get involved.

Then it got foggy, and low dark clouds, and strange voices could be heard. “SHIP SIGHTED” came the call from the lookout and before they knew it, ghostly apparitions were looming out of the darkness.

The crew was incapacitated almost immediately. The party fought well with the spectres almost all incinerated by a well placed fireball from our gnome pyromanic…. I mean gnome wizard.

Afterwards, the party realised that in all of the ghostly whispering, several had clearly heard some snippets that seemed important. These were recorded for later. These are portents of actions in the next module “Sleeping Dragon Wakes”.

A day or so later, the ship dropped anchor off Thunder Cliffs. massive sheer 800ft cliffs dropped into the sea. The party could see several shipwrecks in the water and on the beach in front of the caves. Stands in Tar offered to wait up to 5 days, but they would have to put ashore in the ships cutter. She wouldn’t be taking her ship in any closer.

Into the small boat the party went. The wizard’s Unseen Servant took up the oars and rowed them steadily towards the shore.

They spied some fliers coming at them, soon being revealed as several manticores who attacked immediately. Strangely, one of the party was attacked on the boat by something they could not see.

So two combats started off. The party with ranged attacks started to battle the manticores, inflicting serious wounds. Meanwhile the pair sitting at the front of the boat swung wildly as they attempted to fight something they weren’t even sure was there.

And there the session ended.

I think there is about 2-3 sessions left in this module. I expect that they will want to continue into Sleeping Dragon Wakes, but I have offered them to change module, change DM, heck even stop the game altogether. We will have to pause for a bit as one player has some surgery and I don’t think its fair if we finish the module without him. So we might cram in an extra session to see if we can finish. Otherwise it will resume after the pause. I could run a one-shot or one of the others might in the planned sessions that he’s incapacitated. Or it might just form a natural break between the two modules.

Author: Mabaho

I'm a married dad who likes to ride my motorbike and if I ever find the time, to play computer games. This blog started out as just WoW, but has moved onto a whole lot of different things.

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