DnD – Clearing the Wayside

My intrepid group woke one morning to find a terrible, yet strange looking storm brewing north of Leilon. They also found themselves summoned to the Town Council, who were in a bit of a state. Earlier that day, settlers had headed north for supplies and since then this terrible looking storm developed. The party was asked to take a look, see if everyone was ok.

As they were getting ready, the settlers came back. Less one horse (killed by lightning) and one guard (stayed behind to observe). They were drenched and described a storm that came out of nowhere as they approached the Wayside Inn (north, along the road). Strange in that that just a few steps past the edge of the storm, it was as if there was no storm.

With all the recent interactions with Storm Lord cultists, the party was concerned and intrigued. They set off up the road.

Well before the inn, they could see the edge of the storm. Just in the edge, it appeared that the remaining guard was being set upon by three armoured figures. The guard was holding his own, but unable to disengage or defeat them. The party joined in.

The fight went mostly well. Throughout the fight the storm seemed to push outwards from wherever it was centered. The armoured figures collapsed to empty armour when defeated, but seemed to lose their confidence when not in the storm itself.

After saving the guardsman, the party headed up the road through the terrible storm. Several were struck by lightning, with the gnome wizard almost dying. However the Paladin was able to support him enough to get to the inn.

Through the storm they got to 30′ of the Inn before they could really see it. Pinned to the door, with tridents through their bodies, were several commoners, still alive and desperately trying to get away. The party tried to release them, but sadly only saved 2 of the 6. Even the simple act of removing the trident was enough to finish the others.

Getting them hidden nearby, the party approached the door. Opening them, there was a mighty explosion, with the Dragonborn Paladin taking the brunt of the blast. Inside the common room they found a group of cultists with prisoners.

The wizard opened with a fireball, killing several of the cultists, and though they didn’t know at the time, a couple of prisoners as well. A battle ensued in the common room. Several more cultists rushed in to help their brethren, and although there were several solid attacks, the party defeated the cultists and released the remaining prisoners. The storm had not dissipated at this stage, which the group agreed was unexpected. There must be more cultists.

They searched the upstairs and the stable yard, but it was only when they revisited the kitchen that they found the cellar access. They headed below.

In the cellar they found the resident blacksmith chanting at a large statue of the Storm Lord. A beam of lightning joined the two. Tied up in the corner was the Inn’s owner.

The group charged in, put off a little, or triggered, by the strange grin from the smith.

The party fought against her, but they seemed unable to put her down. During the fight, one member untied the innkeeper, who joined into the battle. A couple also approached the statue, only to be set upon as it became animated.

After a few rounds they realised that to defeat the smith, they might need to defeat the statue first. They refocused their attacks and soon both were defeated.

And there ended the session. We’ll do the “what happens after the fight” next time. An extra long session has got them almost to the last set piece. Will they find the map that leads them there?

Author: Mabaho

I'm a married dad who likes to ride my motorbike and if I ever find the time, to play computer games. This blog started out as just WoW, but has moved onto a whole lot of different things.

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