DnD – Finishing at Phandalin

The group I am DM’ing has been coping well with some enforced reschedules which has been very helpful. When last we left them, they had just finished – oh wait I’ve not written that up either…

Ok, they are in Phandalin, organising the goods for Leilon and checking out what has changed in the month since they left. They were a bit curious about a person who entered the Stonewall Inn one evening, but left immediately getting some odd comments from the proprietor. The group searched out his place the next day and found it without much difficulty.Finding it empty, they poked about inside, but found nothing of interest. They set up to wait and see, only for their quarry to emerge from the hut that they had thought was empty! One member followed him while the rest searched the house again. This time they found a cellar.

The cellar contained a host of ghouls, which the party immediately engaged.

Upstairs the quarry returned, but was set upon by the party’s monk who had been following him that evening. He was hitting hard, but not doing much damage.

Down below, the ghouls were being quickly dispatched, which meant some of the party could head back upstairs to aid the monk, who was having a hard time with the sole “prospector”.

With additional damage from the party, the “prospector” was killed.

At this point a more learned member of the party suspected it was a vampire spawn, so they took the head off to ensure it was actually dead. It would also prove if it was spawn or a full vampire. Then they collected the head and headed to the Townmaster’s house to make a report.

Here they disturbed his dinner, dropping the spawn head in the man’s soup. Yet more evidence of trouble in Phandalin, right under the nose of the Townmaster. He took their suggestion of a town militia seriously, but shooed them away as “always bringing trouble to town”.

The next day, Pinchwit, the goatherd, asked them to head back to Leilon. As they loaded the wagons, a storm brew up. Heavy clouds turned it almost to night, as the wind increased, and lightning and thunder began. In the gloom the party noticed a people sneaking towards them, using the surrounding buildings as cover

The bard, the first to see clearly what was about to happen attacked, warning the party. A group of kobolds had surrounded them! The kobolds were led by an elf, new to town, who had been working in one of the shops.

The battle was pretty one sided, though not entirely quick. The elf and most of the kobolds were killed in the fight. The storm dissipated rapidly after the battle was finished, returning to a mostly clear day.

They did capture a kobold. He revealed that they were all worshippers of The Storm Lord and that the elf had directed them to attack the party. He didn’t know why. The party suspected that word from Leilon Storm Lord cultists had sent a message to this cultist group to eliminate the party if able.

The group also found the elf had been carrying a pair of lenses and a note. The note mentioned a map, but so far, the party has had no hints on where this map might be. (It’s about to be discovered).

They have returned to Leilon, reported to the Council. They’ve also exhausted every thing they can think of looking for maps (the architect, the wizard tower, the Lathinder Shrine) and experimenting with the lens. So far nothing. To the next session then…

We’ve rescheduled again, so the next chapter “Foul Weather at Wayside” is about to start this weekend. Not far to go now, and then Storm Lord’s will be complete.

Author: Mabaho

I'm a married dad who likes to ride my motorbike and if I ever find the time, to play computer games. This blog started out as just WoW, but has moved onto a whole lot of different things.

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