DnD – Player Improvements

Ok so I was pretty down on being a player in the recent post. Turns it wasn’t just me that was a bit frustrated. I talked to a player who knew the DM well and apprently even when playing face to face, his games run kinda slow. We both thought that the session in question was a bit ridiculous.

He had a chat to him, I have no idea what he suggested.

And the next session went well. It was much more entertaining as we fought a Grick Alpha and a couple of spare gricks. The Barbarian was knocked down, but my cleric revived him. This bought me clearly to the realisation that healing in D&D is very different to healing in WoW.

In WoW, when I played Mabango, the Holy Priest, I was (generally) able to keep the tank at full health, or very nearly, and have spare heals (sometimes) to throw about at the others.

In D&D, I can’t. There is no way I can keep a character topped up throughout a fight. I don’t have enough spells of enough healing power to do that. The best I can do is help protect, and stop them from being killed. It seems my best way to support the fight is to help the party smash the enemy. Very different mindset.

So, back to our session.

The fight finished and we found ourselves staring at a statue sitting on the ceiling. The halfling decided to get the barbarian (now recovered) to toss the halfling at the statue. He would attempt to grab it before he fell back down.

What he discovered was that halfway up (about 10′) the gravity swapped and he fell down (our up) to the floor (ceiling). This made it easy to climb up (or is it down?) the statue, take a look and steal the gemstone eyes.

Then there was getting up, or down. We threw a rope up, and as it passed the halfway, it fell down (up)to the halfling. He climbed up (er, down…I’m sorry) the rope then fell down (oh, yes, down!) the rope being caught in a rather undignified fashion by my dwarf and the barbarian.

(see way more interesting).

We found a secure area and had a long rest, before the party decided to head too a level deeper into the the dungeon.

We found ourselves in a goblin market. It was very hard for my dwarven cleric to not start pounding heads. However the huge numbers of goblins, and the request of his party mates he kept his warhammer stowed.

But a dilemma is forming. We are in a large room with a group of goblins, one of whom is the tribal leader. There is also a couple of bugbears. This large group is holding a dwarf captive. This alone is hard enough for my dwarf to bear, but as the session closed out, our companion NPC is approaching the dwarf with murder in his eyes. This does not sit well with my dwarf and he is moving to intervene…. will he be fast enough?

(Scrabbles through the character sheet… did I choose Hold Person to have ready…..)

Author: Mabaho

I'm a married dad who likes to ride my motorbike and if I ever find the time, to play computer games. This blog started out as just WoW, but has moved onto a whole lot of different things.

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