DnD – Just a Goatherder

(I’m sure there’s a song there?)

The party finished their negotiations with the Lizardfolk. After the party helped rid them of the Rot Trolls, the Lizards released the prisoners to the party. There was some discussion that the Lizardfolk might talk to Leilon about a mutual arrangement for protection. The party headed back to the town, returning the missing soldiers (not that the SGT cared, in fact the party sowed some seeds of ridding the town of the SGT after this).

After several days of little to do, the council approached them about escorting a herd of goats (and their owner) to Phandalin for trade. They also gave them a shopping list to bring back.

With little else going on, the party decided a trip back to check on Phandalin, especially on someone else’s coin, seemed a good idea.

The next morning they headed out. The herd did get spooked when a couple of wyvern flew over, but some desperate efforts kept the flock together and presumably the wyvern decide the group was too big to tackle.

One evening though, they were surprised when a group of Ogres snuck up to start snatching goats. The party member on watch noticed the goats acting up and woke the party, just as goats started to disappear.

They charged into battle, keeping the Ogres focused on them, rather than the goats. They were somewhat surprised when a further pair charged from the back, and then a second pair shortly after.

This shows one of my own map creations.
And from the players perspective with the shadows from the tree trunks creating dark spaces (that ogres liked to hide in).

The battle ended with one last ogre, captivated by the bard’s illusion, set up en masse by the group. But not before the most dismal fireball in the history of D&D (the player rolled 6 1s, a 2 and maybe a 6, on 8d8!) so instead of destroying a pair of ogres, they just got singed and really mad.

But the party made it to Phandalin, only losing a handful of goats in the night.

While welcomed by the town and many handshakes and cheers from the folk, they have become increasingly concerned that something sinister is occurring. They have found the Shrine of Luck desecrated in the absence of Sister Girelle. A pin, with the Storm Lord’s symbol was found in the mess. A group of Kobolds led by an elf have started work in the town. This seems an odd match.

But the day has gotten long and they have retired to the Stonehill Inn for some refreshments and to gaze upon the head of the White Dragon they killed (it’s mounted over the bar in the common room).

(Some google-fu uncovered the song. It’s a song from “The Sound of Music”. Considering the several decades since I last saw that – it’s stuck in my brain pretty deeply!)

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