DND – Into the Mere

Would this be the first session with combat after two that had only RP? Would they get swallowed up by the Mere of Dead Men… Would they think my new maps looked terrible?

The session started with a little recovery period for the party after the past sleepless nights watching the Wizard’s tower. Then, one morning, they were approached by a worried girlfriend about her missing partner. He was a militia soldier and was late back from patrol. The party agreed to investigate.

Firstly, they were dismayed, but I don’t think exactly surprised, by the lack of interest from the militia Sergeant. Their first impressions, as he high tailed it for the woods as soon as the town was under threat, mean he is not held in high regard by the party. Perhaps this is a recommendation they will make at the end of their work here in Leilon.

They did get that there was a patrol, it was late, and it headed south along the high road for a few days before they would turn around and head back. The party kitted up and headed off.

On the second day they came upon evidence of a small battle, including signs that the missing patrol may have been involved. They followed a set of tracks into the marsh.

My hand drawn map. I prefer this and hope my players do too. This was my first one and more will come in other sessions. I’ll have another post on some of the details of this.

After a run in with a couple of giant snakes, the party came upon a tribe of lizard folk travelling the marsh. They had 2 cages of prisoners, including the missing patrol. Some of the party tried to sneak closer, but were spotted.

A battle almost ensued, but with a Dragonborn in the party, dialogue was able to be established (as both sides could talk in Draconic). The lizardfolk were on the run from rot trolls. They planed to distract the trolls by leaving the prisoners and making a run for it. After some negotiation, the offer was made – if the party could deal with the trolls, the lizard folk would let the prisoners go.

Before anything was agreed, the trolls attacked. The lizards and the party did manage to kill the trolls, but 2 lizard warriors were killed.

The party agreed to the terms, and went after the 3rd troll. This almost ended in disaster when the troll critical hit the party’s monk and one shot him to unconsciousness. As one player says, these big guys might not hit too often, but when they do, look out.

That was the last threat to the party really. The troll was pounded into the marsh by the Dragonborn paladin, expertly backed up by the party’s pyromanic wizard. The monk was healed out of unconsciousness and able to join back into the fight.

And there the session ended. They’ll kick of again next time finalising arrangements with the lizard folk. I’m interested to see if they ask for guide back to the road. Otherwise, there may be some further encounters along the way.

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