DnD – The Player Continues

Hilfander’s journey continues. The pocket dimensions ended up in a final space, apparently carved within a passing comet. Here, a magical crown of mystical power over the fey creatures was the goal. Most of the party agreed that taking the crown was a bad idea, and we would leave it, guard the entrance so no one else could, and then the comet, and the danger, would be passed.

There were some guardians here, but after defeating them, we helped ourselves to a small part of the treasure within. Hilfander picked a +1 longbow. We headed back out.

Outside, the dryad, now recovered, was waiting. However some insight from us, and it was clearly not actually a dryad, but the sea hag from previously. Out for power and out for revenge. It became clear that one of our party, a rather self-centered rogue, had pilfered the crown on his way out. The hag could tell, and was quite excited by the opportunity to kill us and grab the crown. A battle ensued, with success by the companions against the hag.

After her defeat, some extremely powerful fey arrived to take back the crown. We could do little, even if we had wanted to. They did let us keep the stolen magical weapons.

The party moved on, and was soon hired by agent to investigate some problems at a local farm. On arrival we discovered a well run little farm, with strange holes developing across the property. These were quite large, several feet across.

Suddenly, something leapt from the hole, grabbed the farmer and disappeared back down underground. The party gave chase and found itself in a warren of ankheg tunnels.

Several fights with ankheg occurred as we hurried to rescue the farmer. Hilfander’s work with the bow proved significant and we did rescue the farmer, mostly unharmed. We returned him to the surface, before accepting a task to clear out underground.

Again, Hilfander’s bow, this time married to his improved dexterity and his Gloom Stalker training again proved significant.

I’m enjoying Hilfander. He’s becoming sort of a dwarven Legolas, though more suited to underground and the darkness. Fun to play, though I wish his spells had more direct impact. Perhaps I am using them wrong or trying to be a wizard/warlock type. At level 4 he’s +9 to hit with the bow, sometimes gets a second attack and with 16AC (in leather). I am thinking about Sharpshooter the next point I get a feat choice.

And it is certainly a lot less effort to be a player than a DM. This second adventure is proving a little frustrating as the DM is quite slow moving and still learning Roll 20. But it is only his third session in Roll 20. I need to cut him some slack especially if you think it wasn’t that long ago it was me in those shoes.

Author: Mabaho

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