DnD – A Call from Leilon

The party enjoyed several relaxing days in Phandalin, enjoying the chance to rest, recuperate and resupply. The town was continually grateful, with the group having saved the town from goblins, orcs, the Redbrands and a dragon. 

Then, one afternoon, a messanger from Neverwinter arrived. Carrying an invitation from one of the Neverwinter Lords, he asked the party for help in the nearby town of Leilon. Leilon is along th coast, a little south of where the trail to Phandalin branches of the High Road. 

Leilon, as it is planned to grow into.

The party set out, making it about ¾ of the way before dark (they had set out late due to wellwishers in Phandalin). As night fell they approached the Wayside Inn, a place recommended by the proprietor of the Stonehill.

To their dismay, they found it set upon by zombies and wraiths. A fight ensued.

Here I messed up as a DM. I wasn’t as familiar with the creatures and missed the fact that zombies can reanimate and that wraiths take half damage from non-magical, non-silvered weapons. The battle would have been a lot more tense had I realised that. Next time!

They defeated the undead and were welcomed into the tavern, meeting most of the staff and guests. 

The following day they set out towards Leilon, only to find the townsfolk gathered in panic in a field a little away from the town. Something had spooked them.

Again, I missed a little of the flavour here, missing a lot of the council’s conversation which would have added to the colour of the situation. 

But never mind, because they were quickly set upon by knights and archers on watery horses, attacking from the direction of the town.

Look I really hadn’t expected them to get this far in the session, so I really hadn’t read up on what happens and again, missed that the archers had multiple attacks. 

The townsfolk scattered and the party engaged the attackers. A townsfolk was killed by a miss from one of the archers, but their tight formation lent itself to a fireball assault. And the battle was quickly over.

And we had to stop there.

I’m enjoying the party, and this adventure none have played. It’s the expansions from the Icespire adventure. If you buy the Starter Kit you gain access to these through D&D Beyond for free.

But I am feeling both a little underprepared (fixing that for this next session) and that I’m not really challenging the party. Partly that has been my ongoing problem with my monsters just not hitting the party (almost totally due to my ongoing dice roll fails). So instead of hurting them, the monsters (and this has been true from session 1) stand there flailing away and not hitting anything while the party pounds away. And of course, they are experienced players, using their skills effectively.

We’ll see what happens next as they will not have time to prepare for the next two combats. How will they cope when all their spells are spent?

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