Study – My Bag

I was stuffing about today and decided to take this photo to link back to my Paperless Study post. Also I recall seeing a few “What’s in my bag” articles in Gizmodo, so here’s mine. 

So this is my bag that I take almost everywhere. The only regular use that I don’t take this one is when I ride to work – for that I use a backpack and only take the iDevices and keyboard. 

The bag is a Crumpler “the Flock of Horror”. Picked it up a couple of years ago to carry the iPad around, I think there is a bigger one, this is iPad sized. I was looking for a messenger bag, but with similar protection for the iPad as a backpack with internal padding. 

So the list of contents is

  • iPad Pro (last version of 9.7″ that I picked up second hand) 256GB, wifi and 4G.
  • Logitech Ultra Thin Keyboard (for iPad Air 2, I had this already when I bought the iPad Pro, or I likely would have bought the iPad Keyboard) Works fine with the Pro.
  • iPhone 6s+ (haven’t upgraded yet, not really needed to)
  • Cygnet 10,000mAH battery pack. Can almost do a full charge on the iPad, but will do at least one for the iPhone. 
  • 12W Apple Charger and Lightning cable (including an extension I think I picked up from an Apple Wired Keyboard that I bought for the iMac, means the cord is over 2m, which can be very handy)
  • USB-A to USB-micro(?) charger, for the battery pack, also the wireless headphones I sometime use.
  • couple of USB sticks, just in case.
  • Fob for my work’s VPN
  • Apple Pencil (greatest addition to iPad!) and the little Lightning adapter that came with it.
  • Mechanical pencil (I seem to be missing my eraser though!) and a 3 colour pen,  you know, to red pen all that school work!
  • Spare nibs for the Apple Pencil (I dropped it a couple of times when I first got it and landing tip first destroyed the tips, haven’t needed these at all since!)
  • Spare batteries for the keyboard, which lasts more than a year!
  • AirPods. 

With all of this I can do all of my study away from home, including readings, note taking, writing essays, drawings, even making short films as demonstrations. I can watch videos, chat, etc etc. I’ve used this when travelling overseas (obviously adding in passports, tickets, boarding passes, customs paperwork) and I use it on my pracs. I will ride my bike with this, but not normally, simply because a backpack is more stable. 

Still plenty of room in the bag, and some of the more common additions are food, documents, drinks, full sized headphones, passports, or notebooks. I’ve added an iPod a couple of times and overseas, a dual 2.4A US (and Japan and Philippines) wall charger (about the size of the iPhone all charger). The iPad, keyboard and Pencil could obviously swap out for a MS Surface, or a small laptop etc, but this is what I use. 

Author: Mabaho

I'm a married dad who likes to ride my motorbike and if I ever find the time, to play computer games. This blog started out as just WoW, but has moved onto a whole lot of different things.

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