Watching the traffic

Something you can’t help but pay attention to while riding is other drivers. For obvious reasons, a rider’s life is much more dependent upon being aware of what the cars (and other vehicles) around you are doing.

So after a few years in traffic you get to pick up signs of what people are planning to do, often even before they even realise it themselves. The guy glancing to his right – there’s a strong chance he’s going to be changing lanes. The car slow or moving about in their lane – probably on their phone, all these signs are there and sometimes you don’t even realise you’re seeing them. But you’re slowing or checking your escape options.

So when the the guy in the ute next to me is driving along with his hand on his indicator I was pretty certain he was just waiting for a chance to change into my lane. I had only a car length a bit in front of me, so when the ute moved forward a bit and indicated right (into my lane) I was not surprised or very happy. I held my ground as there was plenty of room behind and there was no reason for him to cut in so tightly.

And I’m well glad I did, the ute dropped back and changed behind me. Immediately he then changed further right, slowing for a turn lane.

So if I had let him in, he would have immediately slowed with me less than a car length behind him, and changed lanes again. A good chance that I might have crashed into him.

Author: Mabaho

I'm a married dad who likes to ride my motorbike and if I ever find the time, to play computer games. This blog started out as just WoW, but has moved onto a whole lot of different things.

2 thoughts on “Watching the traffic”

  1. I’ve always found making eye contact (where possible) to be a good thing. They’ve seen you, you’ve seen them see you, and hopefully there is acknowledgement and action on all of the indications of about what someone (on either side) is about to do…

    1. Yeah, but you never know if they’re eyes open no one home, lol.

      In this particular case he knew what was going on. He’d caught up and driven alongside me for at least a minute – and he didn’t just change lanes (at least that’s something) he sat there with his indicator on waiting for me to decide to back off and let him in. And I wasn’t going to force the issue, no point in being right and dead, I left enough room that he would never have touched me if he’d come over. Though I had no idea that he was trying for a double lane move and brake move! Assumed he was just wanting to merge.

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