A New Drive

We’ve finally taken delivery of something we ordered way back in January. Sounds like a while but we understand that people who ordered in March are having to wait until Christmas.

Mercedes-Benz GLC250



We had previously looked at their GLA as it was released, but it was pretty small for a family car. Since then, having seen them out and about we’re really glad that we didn’t buy it.

The GLC however is bigger without being too big. This is a medium SUV, to compete with Audi’s Q5, BMW X3, Volvo’s XC60 and the like. The GLE (formerly called ML) is still there as the big boy, this is the in betweener. Not actually that much bigger in dimensions (excluding height) than our 10year old Mazda 6.

Are we happy? Yes very. Well I am, Mrs Mab is a bit overwhelmed with the technology and needs to get some practice in before she drives it more regularly. Not that I mind!

Look all the reviewers speak highly of it, and I’m sure the others are excellent cars as well (we only tested the XC60 which we liked a lot). But for us (well, for Mrs especially) we really wanted a Merc, but they didn’t have one that suited what we wanted until this one, which was only released in about November. There was a GLK in the US, but that was never released as a right hand drive.

Its very roomy inside, with plenty of room for our kids to grow up. The tech is awesome (it’s our first car with built-in Bluetooth even) with LED multi beam headlights that look around corners and auto braking and parking and radar cruise control, lane keeping and a bunch of other amazing safety things. I really like the built in HDD that came with the COMMAND audio upgrade, half filled it with my music and I don’t need to use BT or an iPod! You can even talk to it, though it doesn’t know any jokes.

It has taken some getting used to – it has been a challenge getting up our driveway and around the corner into the garage without doing an Austin Powers 500 point turn. I can do it in 2 moves now… but the parking sensors are going nuts the whole time. Then squeezing it into the garage!



The steering column is covered in control stalks and if you get the wrong one you can set the speed limiter when you were trying to indicate a turn. I like the column shifter. But don’t really see the point in the touchpad thing they have that’s above the rotary selector for the computer system.


But it is a great drive. Smooth, good drive (though only a 2.0L turbo) seems fairly good milage too (though we have only just made it through our first tank after two weeks). About 10L/100km, which seems pretty good for a SUV and not massively different than the Mazda 6 (it was about 9L/100km).

Oh, the Head Up Display on the windscreen is really great. It shows speed and also navigation details (turns, ETA, street names) as well as cruise control/limiter settings. Sits there on the windscreen slightly below your eye line. Really easy to get used to that!



Author: Mabaho

I'm a married dad who likes to ride my motorbike and if I ever find the time, to play computer games. This blog started out as just WoW, but has moved onto a whole lot of different things.

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