MTB – More exploring

Even with the threat of rain for the afternoon I loaded the bike into the car for work. And even when I came out to find it had rained…. it was only a little bit.

I got out to the forest, there were a few spits of rain, but I figured that under the cover of the trees I would be pretty dry. I followed some trails I hadn’t ridden the other couple of times. A couple of muddy patches but the light drizzle stopped at some point that I can’t remember.

I think I did about 12-15km in the forest. I rode the whole distance, even the climbs. Happy with that. I also managed to flow some of the corners together. I also managed the small drops a lot better after some tips from dad.

Great fun.


Author: Mabaho

I'm a married dad who likes to play WoW and ride my motorbike. Originally a strong focus WoW blog, but over the last while has become a more general blog about things going on in my world.

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