Ride, Daytona, Ride :)

Outside Wollombi Pub
Outside Wollombi Pub


A ride.

With no limits and no weather/illness/appointments in the way.

I’m really tired though, lol.

I headed out early, not planning to meet anyone, that saves about 2 hours of stuffing about riding to the meet point, waiting etc etc. I had several things planned to achieve for the day:

  • Ride the Old Pacific Highway (OPH)
  • Ride Galston Gorge. These two I haven’t ridden in years
  • Ride the top half of the Putty.
  • Ride the Daytona for a full day.
  • Try to get as much footage as I can.
  • Try out my new leathers.

Seems like a busy day, but I planned a loop across Galston Gorge, up the OPH, across to Wollombi, then down the Putty. I figured it would take about 5 or so hours at least. Most of that would be riding, as I didn’t plan to stop much.

Got a little lost crossing the northern suburbs looking for Galston, but found it. Probably won’t be back though. It was tight and busy. Only place I’ve ever seen 5kph corners, super tight hairpins. Lots of cyclists and a stupid BMW driver who thinks he can use the whole road to make the turn.

From there I headed up the OPH, taking my own sweet time as usual. I did plan to stop at Pie in the Sky, but missed it and couldn’t turn back. Never mind. Stopped at Mt White Cafe, back in business again.

I still can’t figure what people see in the OPH. It’s really busy, there are cyclists and cars and police and speed limits that make it a real cruise. The only thing I can figure is that for the northern suburbs, its a lot closer than getting to the Putty.

From Mt White I headed inland towards Wollombi, Broke and then down the Putty. I found a fuel stop I wasn’t aware of, near Central Mangrove, so I topped up. This was a pretty nice leg, and I made Wollombi in good time. In fact, before the bistro opened, so no burgers etc.

Hit the road again towards Broke. The first half of this is tight and rough, really only a lane and a half (or even one lane in places) so took it real easy. So the the passing Highway Patrol didn’t even give me a second glance – wonder if he was headed to Wollombi for a burger?

Found the petrol station at Broke busy and with the previous top up before Wollombi I guessed I could make the fuel at Colo Heights (fingers crossed a little I admit) so headed towards the Putty.

I wound my way along and eventually decided a good break was required, so pulled in at Grey Gums. The bike park was full, busy for a sunny Sunday lunch 🙂

After about a half an hour, I headed south again, stopping only at Colo for fuel. I arrived home about 3:30, tired but happy.

I got about 4 hours of footage, the bike did about 350km on about a tank and a half. The leathers are comfortable, hopefully they’ll break in a bit as I use them more. The full day on the Daytona was pretty easy, it’s only my general “haven’t ridden that far” in ages and that I was out late last night tiredness set in towards the end.

YouTube is up now.

Now to the next ride…..

Author: Mabaho

I'm a married dad who likes to ride my motorbike and if I ever find the time, to play computer games. This blog started out as just WoW, but has moved onto a whole lot of different things.

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