XCom – turning up the heat

The Sectoid alien. These are quickly replaced by tougher enemies.
The Sectoid alien. These are quickly replaced by tougher enemies.

Oh my, this is starting to get tough now. I’ve been steadily upgrading my troops equipment, so now I have a full complement of Titan Armour and Plasma Weapons for all. I’ve even started building a couple of Plasma equipped S.H.I.V (I forget what it stands for, but its an armed robot, looks kinda like those bomb disposal robots). So I’m geared up… but so is the enemy.

A lot of them have shown up in upgraded versions, elites with better weapons and tougher to kill. So far working as a team and concentrating my firepower in both location and time is proving effective (except for my Heavy gunner skill at missing the target).

My last mission had me investigating a UFO landing – they have great loot that’s fantastic for building stuff. Just prior to this mission I faced a new enemy, a walking tank with very heavy weapons. It can fire twice per turn with the choice of a wide beam weapon, some kind of ballistic AOE weapon or a self defense plasma weapon. With 30 hit points and up to 2 repair drones floating beside it, its a tough opponent. (my toughest troops have about 20 hit points)

My first meeting went poorly, with 3 troops quickly dead. A restart and a change of tactics helped and I got past it. If you’ve faced the Cyberdiscs, these are much worse.

Now back to the UFO landing – I came up against not one, not two but three of these machines, almost one after another (thankfully, not at the same time….yikes!). I lost two troops (including a Psi Colonel which sucks) but put all three down.

Tips (These are aimed at fighting the Sectopod, but most apply equally to all opponents) –

  • Use your heavy weapons, don’t forget the Shredder Rocket.
  • Stay in heavy cover (the beam can shoot straight through light walls, cars etc).
  • Don’t group up, it invites AOE attacks, and lets you flank.
  • Have you team organised to step out of cover and shoot at the Sectopod, the whole team, in the same turn. Concentration of Fire – Principles of War 101.
  • Don’t forget your Sniper’s Headshot ability
  • Take out the drones first as they provide a significant repair ability to the main unit. They also shoot, but are easy to kill.
  • I haven’t tried it, but capturing a drone may help.

So before the enemy gets too tough, I’ve decided to move the storyline ahead and am building the Hyperwave something. Let’s see what that brings.

Author: Mabaho

I'm a married dad who likes to ride my motorbike and if I ever find the time, to play computer games. This blog started out as just WoW, but has moved onto a whole lot of different things.

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