A Morning’s Work (with pictures)

I downloaded the free version of FRAPS as it has a screenshot function as well as it’s more well known FPS meter and capture abilities. I set one of my Naga buttons as the screenie hotkey, really handy. I am thinking about buying the full version as then I can save as jpg directly.

Now I just have to get into the habit of using it more. But I have used it some so you can enjoy my matches with pictures… hmm… is there any interest in videos as well?

So I joined a couple of other random guys on the North American TS server as my corp was all still asleep. I’m running the LRM Cat still, though it’s almost elite now and I’ll switch to my third version soon.

Matches are often a lot closer these days, tough as I’m losing more often than I used to, but fun and longer lasting. The small boost in LRM damage since the last patch is almost where it should be I think. Maybe a fraction more, but I’ve started registering some more kills again after a very slow few weeks.

Learned that if a friendly mech is standing in the cap, the enemy mechs do not register as capping, in effect the friendly is blocking their action. In one match, as second to last standing, with no missiles left I found myself being a target in my own cap, whilst the other mech on our side capped. A very close win.

We fought a couple of rounds on the new Frozen City Night map. The main features of this changed map is that is a cold clear night, rather than a cold snowy day with limited visibility. You can see the difference in the two screenshots below, the first is the original map, the second is the night version. Its also supposed to increase our cooling rates, but as my mechs don’t really have a heat problem on this map anyway I haven’t noticed.

Frozen City
Frozen City daytime, showing the mist and blurred conditions
Frozen City Night
Frozen City Night close to the same spot, the detail is much sharper.

Another thing added in the patch was the ability to colour your mech as you choose. It costs MC which cost real money, but some are already playing with it, such as this guy I was teamed with and his purple and orange Cataphract.

Colour Mechs
Coloured Mechs

He did mention that it seems like every time he arrives in a fight, everyone starts shooting at him. Another said that becasue his colours assault us :). I’ll finish up with some more screenshots for you.

Frozen City 2
Here’s another shot in Frozen City showing a flight of my LRMs on their way to the target
LRM Fight
More LRMs, some mine, some my teammates, greeting the enemy. The mech firing from my right has 5 LRMs in his mech, 70 missiles per shot!
Thermal blooms from LRM launch
And here’s what they look like in Thermal Imaging.

Author: Mabaho

I'm a married dad who likes to ride my motorbike and if I ever find the time, to play computer games. This blog started out as just WoW, but has moved onto a whole lot of different things.

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