Post Patch Pause

Saturday morning I finally got back on for a solid hour of playing. Then I managed a repeat in the evening. In the morning I ran with a random group I found on the US Teamspeak server. Lost every single match 😦 Bad luck, some poor groups, some good opposition… The evening matches started badly as well, and I think we only won a few overall. Though those were the matches were I got a kill or two (argh this must have really stuffed the totally unimportant K/D and W/L ratios).

Enjoyed the matches all day, except for the match where we ended up as two friendlies (Atlas and my Cat) vs single enemy (Jenner). He killed the Atlas leaving my very non brawler Cat with half of my team spectating* through my mech.

I was getting a lot of comments about shooting snow and learn to play etc. Listening to my PUG on TS, it became apparent that they and I were seeing quite different pictures and the lag meant that I was shooting the Jenner about a second or two after he had gone past. But in my view I was shooting him (and doing stuff all damage). The Jenner eventually picked me apart as well. Not so much fun.

In other news, the patch doesn’t seemed to have affected my game much so far. A new mech, the Cataphract, has arrived. Some tweaking to some weapons, but not ones I use at the moment. There are some concerns that the lights have received an unintended boost to their lag armour**, perhaps that’s what I saw above. The worst news is that they delayed the return of the 8man. December 4 is the newest rumour.

A couple of personal developments here…

Launch Screen

I know it doesn’t look like much, but that’s a screen capture. YAY, now if I can just remember to do them in game all the better. Turns out I just needed to dig about in the Apple Support site to find out the way that this Apple USB keyboard maps to a Windows keyboard when the iMac is dual booting. So look forward to some actual screenshots from me soon. Because it isn’t exactly the most most obvious relationship.

I’ve also dug through my hoard of old PC stuff and pulled out an old 17″ LCD that I’ve added to the Mac as a second monitor. This means I can, for example, have the TS window open there and see who’s talking to me.

Oh, one last thought…. if anyone knows of any MWO blogs out there, please let me know as I’m keen to build a blog roll and community for this game as well.

*When you die, you spectate through your surviving teammates. You can swap between survivors. You can still chat too.

** Lag Armour is the nickname given the rubberbanding and lag induced difficulty in hitting the faster running mechs. Has been of varied effectiveness throughout the games development. At the moment there is some opinion that it is very strong.

Author: Mabaho

I'm a married dad who likes to ride my motorbike and if I ever find the time, to play computer games. This blog started out as just WoW, but has moved onto a whole lot of different things.

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