PUG problems?

PUG problems… The open beta influx of players has seen a host of complaints re PUG v Premade matches. Similar things happened as each group of closed beta invites went out.

It centers around the feeling that the PUG players have of being set upon or victimised by the strength and coordination of the premades they face. Some games they might all be wiped from the match without a scratch on the opponents (at least nothing significant).

And I get that, that’s how my matches were going at the start of the Beta.

But is it a case of expectation management, rather than a problem with the game?

Whilst I haven’t played a lot of FPS, since my early Ghost Recon days, I get the impression from other gamers I know who spend a lot of time in the Call of Duty and other franchises, that most matches are more random in membership. And most work solo, unless they are having a proper clan match. Solo also seems to work out all right for the guys playing World of Tanks and some other online games as well

Mechwarrior isn’t like that. And I don’t think that’s clear enough to new players.

Whilst I’m not saying that everyone needs to join a house or a mercanary company, they do need to get communicating in their matches.

Get into the Teamspeak servers, get into using the ingame chat function. Even this little bit will help coord your team.

Yes, you’re going to get the heroes who rush off on their own, or the solo players who respond with abuse and ignorance (though I haven’t seen much of this myself yet). But if you can get a core of 4 or 5 to work together, that can make a huge difference to your effectiveness. I’ve won games even when we started short 3 mechs. I’ll admit, that was a Company match. But we still had to fight through 8 enemy mechs.

Even though I’ve joined a Company, I think more than half of my games are with random players. I actually find it hard to play at regular times, so I get into Teamspeak, find a group and we run together. Might never play with these guys again, but we have comms, some teamwork, and mostly we have success.

I know that there is a big chunk of the premade players who really don’t enjoy those matches where we walk all over a PUG who’s attacked us piecemeal and been torn to pieces. Sure it pads our wallet some, but I don’t remember those games. I remember and enjoy the games where it’s come down to the wire or the other team has flanked us and caught us out (or we’ve done the same) or some other hard fought match. Yes they’re not all wins, but those are the games I slump back into my seat at the end screen with a happy smile.

My point is twofold

  • it’s a team game… play that way
  • there’s more ways to communicate than having to join up with a permanent crew.

I think MWO might need to emphasis the team aspect more clearly, and provide some basic improvements to the chat setup (maybe some kind of hotkey macro texts??). I know they did set up some kind of voice comms, though I haven’t tried it.


Author: Mabaho

I'm a married dad who likes to ride my motorbike and if I ever find the time, to play computer games. This blog started out as just WoW, but has moved onto a whole lot of different things.

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